Why YouTube is an effective resource for nonprofit content strategy

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Digital communication plays an important role in allowing nonprofit organizations to reach out to new donors. Online content is an increasingly rich resource for those involved in nonprofit management. Many organizations have already tapped into social media and have been rewarded with better visibility and awareness, but many nonprofit groups still have a hard time incorporating video content into their outreach strategy.

Marketers want more video
Marketing is an important aspect of building awareness around a nonprofit’s mission. Online video content can go a long way toward accomplishing this goal. In fact, 92 percent of nonprofit marketers who were part of the Edelman study, “Into Focus – A Benchmark Guide to Effective Nonprofit Video,” value their investment in video. That said, it’s not easy for all organizations to use this resource. The same study indicated 79 percent of marketers feel the biggest inhibitor to greater video usage is their budget.

How YouTube for Nonprofits works
When enterprises sign up for Google for Nonprofits, they get free access to YouTube for Nonprofits. With this resource, organizations can integrate enhanced tools, such as donation buttons and calls to action that can be superimposed over video content. With these added features, nonprofit organizations can more accurately measure the success of their video marketing strategies by seeing how many contributions stem from donors watching online. This is helpful considering 76 percent of nonprofit groups don’t understand how to track the impact of their videos or anecdotally measure it. 

The Google for Nonprofits blog indicated one way to make sure viewers interact with videos is to integrate “Annotations.” With this option, organizations can give people watching the content a creative voice in which turn the video will take. The site likened the tool to a “choose-your-adventure” book, where viewers can choose what characters in the video should do. Of course, this requires some significant planning ahead of time, but it’s a fun and engaging way to get viewers and donors to participate in the creative process. At the same time, nonprofit groups need to make sure the content is relevant. If a video is simply made for humor without meeting up with the mission of the organization, it probably won’t resonate as well.

Like most content strategy, nonprofits should be sure to regularly release videos to make sure viewers and donors return to the site. A one-time shot at making videos probably isn’t going to lead to anything fruitful. With careful planning, organizations can utilize and understand the potency of online video content. This can help with nonprofit fundraising efforts.

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