Why the right donor management software leads to more efficient operations

Fundraising efforts can mean a lot of manual, time-consuming work without the right software to support such efforts.
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Nonprofit and religious broadcasters have a lot on their plates. There are myriad concerns to address, from handling the production and broadcast of your programming and other audio content to effectively recruiting and managing volunteers and successfully engaging with your donor base. These considerations require plenty of attention and the effective management of many streams of information, not to mention plenty of hard work on the part of your staff and volunteers.

One way to streamline these processes and realize more positive results is through the use of solutions that fall under the umbrella of nonprofit management software. But what is donor management software exactly, and in what specific ways can it help your organization prosper?

“The advantage of nearly all such software is a mix of automation and increased visibility of information.”

The essential benefits of fundraising software, donor management systems and similar solutions
On a basic level, the advantage of nearly all productivity and management software geared toward either businesses or nonprofits – and occasionally both – is a mix of automation, a reduction in the possibility of human errors and increased visibility of information. For nonprofits specifically, the advantages of downsizing or eliminating the kind of manual processes that can regularly take many hours are clear.

While these labor-heavy tasks are important, they also tend to be repetitive and don’t require much in the way of critical thinking or analysis. Consider this example: Your list of donors needs to be regularly reviewed and updated and is generally a priority. But the job of double-checking and entering data like contact information and the spelling of names and addresses is time-consuming and prone to human error. 

With nonprofit management software, staff, volunteers or both no longer have to spend significant amounts of time on these duties. Instead, they can focus on tasks that require more deep thought or problem-solving skills. Whether that means producing or serving as on-air talent for programming, conducting donor outreach, managing other staff members and volunteers or something else entirely, those options are now possible and available.

Donor management software helps on the micro and macro levels
Besides the ability to automate the repetitive and time-consuming elements of database updating and quality control, donor management software gives the staff members and volunteers taking on this role easier access to information. Instead of sorting paper documents or combing through simple database files, they have a more intuitive and responsive interface that provides information about past contributions and participation and valuable personal data to help build meaningful connections. Having this kind of edge early on in the fundraising process can lead to significant improvements in results. As SocialFish pointed out, donor management software is essential because it helps develop new relationships as well as build on old ones.

Donation management software also helps your station plan out larger campaigns, creating an easier path for effective analysis of donor data and informing how the next fundraising effort will take shape. With the ability to segment donors – and the software’s role in solicitation – campaigns can change and grow for the better.

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