Why nonprofits should optimize donation websites for mobile

Nonprofits can increase donations by optimizing websites for mobile devices.
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When it comes to nonprofit fundraising, continuously raising money for a variety of causes isn’t an easy task. Many times, nonprofit organizations use direct mail to request financial contributions from donors. However, this process can be streamlined through the use of websites that work in conjunction with donation management software that helps the nonprofit keep an accurate account of charitable giving.

Because online donations are still relatively new in the nonprofit world, many organizations are still figuring out ways to make the giving process easier for donors who would like to contribute to causes through the Internet. One of the ways this can be accomplished is through the integration of mobile responsiveness as a way for people to make financial contributions. However, a recent article from Business2Community states that many nonprofit websites have yet to be optimized for the platform.

These days, consumers all over the world depend heavily on smartphones and tablets and conduct many transactions using these devices. The Chronicle of Philanthropy, citing research conducted by consulting organization Dunham and Company, states that 84 percent of nonprofit websites are difficult to access on mobile devices. The result is a significant loss of donor-contributed funds, estimated to be in the billion-dollar range.

Business2Community lists an example of organization that made changes to its website that included mobile optimization. The result could be seen in the fact that within five months of making the change, 35 percent of donations made via the Internet came from mobile devices.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy states that less than 10 percent of what people give to charities and other organizations are made through online donations. However, this number is increasing annually and the website suggests that nonprofits not neglect online giving as a method of receiving contributions.

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