Why nonprofit organizations need to start blogging

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Getting individuals to donate to fundraising campaigns requires nonprofit organizations to be more visible in the eyes of donors. There is a variety of options open to charitable groups as they look to expand their outreach efforts. Traditional channels, such as direct mail, television and public broadcasting, continue to be quality resources for many enterprises, but there is a growing trend among nonprofits toward using online channels to get a stronger foothold among groups of donors.

The Internet has opened up a number of opportunities for organizations to develop online fundraising projects. At the same time, software for nonprofits has advanced along with digital trends to effectively integrate seamlessly with online tools. However, before nonprofit groups can get to the donation stage, they first must be identifiable, which increasingly means taking advantage of the Internet for content marketing purposes. 

Nonprofits increasingly use content marketing
The use of blogs, white papers, case studies and videos has grown in popularity among for-profit and nonprofit enterprises. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute recently released a report showcasing the extent to which nonprofit groups have embraced this model for marketing. According to the findings, 92 percent of nonprofit professionals use some form of content marketing. This includes using Facebook and other social networking sites to disseminate information. Research suggests this trend is rising, as 65 percent of nonprofit professionals produced more content now than they were a year ago. This should be a welcome sign for those in the nonprofit community, although the study indicated charitable organizations are having a harder time developing content than their for-profit peers, citing knowledge and training as obstacles to creating online marketing resources.

What are the benefits of blogging?
One of the foundational content marketing strategies is blogging, and there is a wide variety of reasons for nonprofits to invest in a blog. The accounting outsourcing firm Ignite Spot put together an infographic reflecting the multitude of benefits associated with starting a blog.

  • First, nonprofits that create and maintain a blog are tapping into a large community of readers. According to the infographic, 23 percent of the time Internet users spend on the Web is on blogging and social networking sites. What’s more, 77 percent of people on the Web read blogs.
  • In addition, there are search engine optimization benefits associated with producing content with a blog. In essence, SEO makes it easier for people to find an organization’s content on the Internet. Google, one of the biggest players in the world of SEO, and other search engines use algorithms to index websites so relevant keywords are associated with a specific website. In this way, when a person uses a search engine to find information, the search results will use these indexed sites to display the most pertinent Web pages, or those with quality content, according to KISSmetrics, an online analytics tool. If an organizations has its site indexed more frequently, it’s more likely to get increased traffic from users.
  • Third, it’s an integral way to make connections among community members. The Ignite Spot infographic stated 70 percent of consumers learn about a company through articles. Meanwhile, 81 percent of consumers in the U.S. trust the information they find on blogs. If a nonprofit organization is interested in developing itself as a thought leader, blogging is a great way to get started. One of the most important aspects of nonprofit management is establishing confidence and transparency among donors and the community it serves. Blogs can provide an essential function in distributing information, especially any research, testimonials or guest blogs from an esteemed professional in the field in which the nonprofit operates.

As nonprofits adapt to the changing landscape of content marketing, it’s important to recognize benefits of one of its earliest forms: blogging.

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