Why nonprofit and religious broadcasters benefit from nonprofit management software

Nonprofit software gives broadcasters a number of advantages.
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The end product of nonprofit and religious broadcasters is programming that educates, entertains and engages the audience. While there are plenty of good times, camaraderie and achievements that go into operating these radio stations, there’s also a lot of hard work. Managing everything from the broadcast schedule to donor information involves a lot of effort, and can be overwhelming when manual processes and valuable time and effort are taken up by many hours of important but repetitive and sometimes rote administrative work.

Nonprofit management software helps your station answer a variety of questions about your listeners and supporters.Nonprofit management software helps your station answer a variety of questions about your listeners and supporters.

“Nonprofit management software offers broadcasters a powerful value proposition.”

How can your radio station combat the many drains on employee time and labor that it constantly faces? Automation is a powerful tool to aid in managing these workflows, especially when it comes in the form of nonprofit management software.

Software for nonprofits streamlines radio station operations
On the most basic level, nonprofit management software offers broadcasters this value proposition: The system handles a variety of time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks, allowing leaders at the station to reallocate labor more effectively, gain more insight into operations and enhance fundraising efforts. How does such software accomplish these tasks? Let’s look at two of the major elements of an effective solution for broadcasters:

  • CRM capabilities:¬†Originally developed with sales in mind, CRM has grown to be a ubiquitous part of many different industries. Thanks to its ability to securely store, sort and present a variety of dimensions of customer data, nonprofit CRM tools allow public¬†and religious broadcasters to build more meaningful relationships with donors and accurately keep track of many dimensions of data associated with them. Everything from behavioral information to past contributions and even which program they listened to as they made their donation is recorded. With more insight into the preferences and actions of your contributors, it’s easier – and less time-consuming, thanks to CRM’s automated nature – to develop relevant, engaging outreach that’s built on a base of confidence and knowledge.
  • Effective support for broadcasters: There are plenty of nonprofit software systems out there, but not all of them specifically have broadcasters in mind. Finding a solution that offers support on the same schedule as your station and operations – frequently on a 24/7/365 basis – is critical to ensure smooth and continuous operations. There’s also training to consider. If a potential software provider doesn’t help your staff learn how to use it to its fullest extent, it’s missing a vital element of ensuring your station’s success with a new solution.

There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to picking the right software for your station, but investigating these two crucial components is a great place to start.

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