Video marketing and social media can help with fundraising

Effectively using social media and video marketing can help drive increased donations to a nonprofit.
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Developing effective nonprofit fundraising strategies that consistently increase donations is a challenge for a number of 501(c)(3) organizations. Those tasked with running a charitable organization have to not only look for new ways to attract contributors, but they also must develop methods to make a connection with potential donors to entice them to give on a consistent basis, not just one time.

The task is not an easy one, but there are a number of strategies that nonprofits and other charities can try to that will help open a consistent giving stream, one of which is the use of video.

There are already a large number of organizations using video as a way to connect with people. Technology has essentially reshaped the world we live in and television is no longer the primary way in which people watch video content. These days, computers, smartphones and laptops are all viable options for viewing videos and when it comes to advertising, there are a number of benefits that can be obtained from using the strategy.

If companies with retail interests can use a video ad to help generate more revenue, then a nonprofit can adopt the same technique when looking to increase giving.

Tips on using video to help increase donations
GuideStar offers a number of suggestions on how nonprofits can tap into the power of video to help generate more donor contributions. But it all starts with careful planning and creation of a solid strategy:

  1. Create a convincing script: Images are powerful, but so are words. By developing a strong narrative that aligns perfectly with the video being displayed, a nonprofit can potentially tap into the emotions of the person watching the video and encourage them to help out by giving a financial donation.
  2. Social media deployment is essential: Releasing a video on the right social media channel is equally as important as developing strong content. Social media, because of the large number of users across multiple platforms, is a great way to get people to share a compelling video. Nonprofits with an established social media footprint should post video ads on the channel where their supporters are most active.

Facebook partnering with nonprofits
Of all the social media platforms that exist today, Facebook is the biggest and most popular. It is for this reason that many businesses have partnered with the social media giant for advertising purposes. Now the company is working with charities to help drive increased donations.

According to a Facebook newsroom post, the company has rolled out a new “Donate” feature where users can make financial contributions to the charity of their choice, directly from their timelines. There is also an option where people can share a nonprofit’s Facebook ad with others in their network.

Using video and social media to help with nonprofit fundraising efforts could be seen as innovative, but these are just two options that a charitable organization can implement in an effort to make stronger connections with potential donors and hopefully, increase financial contributions. 

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