Video can help boost nonprofit fundraising efforts

Using video can be a great way to help nonprofits receive more donations.
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One of the more sobering realities for any charitable organization is that it is not properly leveraging technology in its nonprofit fundraising efforts, making it hard to reach certain organizational goals. Gone are the days when a direct mail campaign or soliciting donations over the telephone were the best ways to connect with donors to get them to offer their financial support.

Now, failure to properly leverage the Internet and other technological tools can severely diminish the amount of donations a 501(c)(3) group receives, rendering it ineffective when it comes to achieving its organizational mission. In order to bolster nonprofit fundraising efforts, charities need to be creative in their campaigns and modernize their strategies in order to connect with today’s donors who have become increasingly more savvy when it comes to the use of technology.

The power of video to boost nonprofit fundraising
Today, with gadgets such as laptops, tablets and smartphones all having the capability to stream video content, people are much more connected to visuals than ever before. Telling a compelling story is the go-to method for any nonprofit looking to raise money.

However, according to Business Banter, adding a video component to this strategy can boost donations tremendously. For example, it’s one thing for a charity to send out a newsletter or call donors to tell them about children who are starving, but it’s another to communicate the same information with a visual element that allows people to see what hunger is doing to these same kids.

Using video is a much more powerful tactic for nonprofits to use when soliciting donations. However, given their limited budgets, many organizations may feel as if they can’t afford to make the investment.

Business Banter wrote that within the last five years or so, the cost of producing a quality video advertisement has gone down tremendously. There are a number of inexpensive cameras on the market that have the ability to produce high-quality video that looks like it was created using Hollywood film equipment.

The most important aspect of any production is to understand who the target audience is and what moves them to donate. From there, it’s all about creating content that will draw them in visually and implementing a strong call to action message to get them to contribute financially.

Philadelphia nonprofit helps other organizations create fundraising videos
The power of a well-crafted video message cannot be understated, especially when it comes to nonprofit fundraising. For charitable organizations located in Philadelphia that simply can’t afford the costs related to creating and deploying a video campaign, The Philo Project is there to help.

“The way things are today, groups need video,” Gerald Kolpan, creative director at the Philo Project told NewsWorks. “They need it for fundraising, they need it to get their message out, and they especially need it for crowdsourcing – things like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. If you don’t have a good video, you’re really not going anywhere.”

The Philo Project helps organizations local to Philadelphia create a nonprofit fundraising video for free. In the first year of operation, the organization has already completed 20 campaigns and is eager to produce more. The efforts made by the Philo Project enhance the fact that video should be a tool in the cache of any charitable organization’s fundraising plan.

Organizations, particularly those concerned about costs, should remain focused on the immediate benefits that can be gained from using video to spread a message and connect with both current and potential donors. The investment is well worth it and if a video campaign is successful, it will essentially pay for itself.

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