Using the Web to increase nonprofit fundraising efforts

Nonprofits can increase their fundraising efforts by strengthening their presence online.
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Nonprofit fundraising efforts can be greatly increased if charities understand how to effectively use the Internet to draw attention to their causes. In today’s world, potential donors are using technology for a number of different purposes, and they are increasingly reliant on the Web to complete a number of tasks, particularly when it comes to information gathering.

A charitable organization that also has an online presence can greatly increase the amount of donations that come in simply by following a few simple steps that makes its website information-friendly and configured to deliver the best search engine optimization results. Smart Cause Digital offers a number of helpful tips for 501(c)(3) organizations to use to accomplish this goal:

  1. Keywords matter: Depending on what a charity’s mission is, there are a number of keywords specific to its cause that potential donors will use when conducting an online search. Compiling a list of these terms and integrating them into Web content, page titles and even URLs can help deliver strong results when users are looking for information.
  2. When linking, don’t use ‘click here’: When linking to other information that potential donors would find useful on a nonprofit website, don’t use the words “click here” as an anchor. Instead, Smart Cause Digital suggests linking to keywords or phrases that outline specific information. This helps encourages people to investigate further.

Donors want data
Potential donors may use the Web to search for information before giving to a nonprofit, but existing donors will also conduct online searches to gather information on how their contributions are being used. A survey conducted by Root Cause titled, “Informed Giving: Information Donors Want and How Nonprofits Can provide It,” lists a number of pieces of information that people will want to have after giving.

Seventy percent of respondents stated that they would like to see data formatted side-by-side against important metrics, while 62 percent would like to see this information displayed comparatively. The report also stated that contributors also enjoy viewing third-party information from groups such as Charity Navigator or Guidestar on nonprofits operating costs and how much money has already been raised as a result of fundraising efforts.

The Internet can be a strong ally to charitable organizations if used properly, and a strong presence on the Web can go a long way in helping it reach its goals. 

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