Turn your donors into advocates for your nonprofit

Your nonprofit needs to turn its donors into advocates to increase fundraising.
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Your donors are already supporting your organization, but bringing them further into the fold will make fundraising easier for your nonprofit. While some donors will simply offer larger donations on an increased basis, others will want to become more involved in the activities and programs your nonprofit’s involved in. Either way, you want to make advocates out of your donors. This will ensure they continue supporting your nonprofit, and encourage others to do the same.

Make it easy for people to donate
According to Network for Good, it’s difficult to get donors to become advocates for your brand if the process of making donations is cumbersome. People are less likely to ask their friends to donate if it’s a long, drawn out process. For this reason, you should try to make it as easy as possible. Enable contributors to donate with as few clicks as possible on the online donation page. Also, save registration for the end of the payment process, and make it optional.

Just as you want to make it simple for people to donate, you also want to make it as easy as possible to track all of those donations. While regular spreadsheets are useful tools, nothing compares with nonprofit software solutions designed to manage donations and fundraising efforts.

Show their impact
Perhaps one of the best ways to turn your donors into advocates is to show them the impact their funds have had on your programs and the people the organization helps. Donors like seeing results and knowing where their money has gone. Put together a video about the services provided from the money gained from your last fundraiser and spread it among your donors via email and social media. While spreading it generally across the Internet will help increase interest and engagement, targeting specific donors with the information compiled in your donor management software will help you really market your organization’s worth.

Provide non-donation opportunities
Some donors who want to do more than provide funds to your organization will volunteer. When they do, you need to ensure you’re providing them with volunteer opportunities that are truly impactful. When people really feel needed, they’re more likely to tell others about the experience they had and recruit them[who? specify] for help.

Encourage them to spread the word
While most donors turned advocates will already tell people about their involvement with your organization, it’s important to stress how much more help the nonprofit needs. Tell your advocates to reach out to their families and friends to drive more donations. When you encourage them to reach out to others, they’re more likely to do so. If you never ask donors and advocates to talk with other people about the organization’s need, there’s a chance they never will. Reach out to them through a number of different channels: social media, email, phone and even in person.

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