Tips to increase nonprofit donations online

Nonprofits can leverage the Internet to increase donations.
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Donor management software is a great way to track donations that come into a nonprofit or other charitable organization. However, this technology is only good for accounting purposes and many charities still struggle with ways to encourage people to contribute more money. Fundraising, by and large, is difficult. However, it’s not impossible and there are a number of strategies that nonprofits can adopt to help in this area, especially when it comes to using the Internet.

Nielsen Norman Group, an evidence-based research and consulting firm, lists some simple steps that charities can take that drive increased donations to their website. Obviously, in addition to offering a portal for online giving, clearly explaining how the money will be used is extremely beneficial. It goes without saying that people like to know what they are contributing to.

NNG also states that charities that provide this information to donors on their website and make it easily accessible to read, give themselves an advantage over those that don’t. As it relates to organizations that don’t take this step, the lack of detailed data could create a sense of distrust with a potential donor and give the impression that the organization has something to hide or is, at worse, inefficient in its operations.

Another suggestion made by NNG is that when it comes to online giving, making the process quick and easy and having a website that isn’t difficult to navigate is also advantageous.

Lastly, the website states that nonprofits can really bolster their fundraising efforts by highlighting positive feedback and reviews on its website. When an organization receives positive reviews, especially online, it works to their advantage. Typically, most people will conduct research on the Internet before making a decision to donate financially to a charity.

Good reviews or endorsing testimonials can be a great way for nonprofits to gain the trust of a potential donor and encourage them to give. This kind of positive information can go a long way in helping raise the credibility of any organization. 

Other helpful online fundraising tips
Getting people to donate money doesn’t have to be hard. The easier the giving process is, the more likely a charity will generate increased donations. In addition to streamlining a website, nonprofits would also be wise to include a mobile giving option as well.

These days, more consumers than ever not only rely on tablets and smartphones, but they also conduct a lot of e-commerce transactions on mobile devices. This primarily because the process is quick, easy and they can do it on the go. This is why nonprofits that have a mobile giving option greatly increase their chances of increasing donations, according to GuideStar.

The website also suggests soliciting donors for specific dollar amounts by providing different donation levels that people can choose from. This takes all of the guesswork out of deciding how much is sufficient. Instead, people can choose how much they can afford to give, click on it and the process is completed.

Guidestar also suggests tapping into the emotions of donors to bolster fundraising efforts. When people are moved to give to a certain cause, they generally feel good about their decision. A nonprofit that describes its cause in a compelling way, while highlighting who will benefit, can tap into people’s benevolence and encourage increased donations.

Nonprofit fundraising is tricky. It requires some creative and outside the box thinking in order to be effective. However, charities that follow some of the suggestions made here stand to see increased donor giving, which will help facilitate their purpose.

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