Tips for securing monthly donations from contributors

Nonprofits are discovering ways to utilize technology to receive donations from contributors on a consistent basis.
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Many 501(c)(3) groups are preparing to launch their end of year nonprofit fundraising initiatives. As the holidays are fast approaching, people are often in a giving mood and this feeling is something that nonprofits, charities and foundations can capitalize on.

However, the goal is not to only secure a one-time donation. Many organizations are hoping to turn people into consistent donors who contribute on a monthly basis in either large or small amounts. Establishing strong giving pipelines contributes to helping a 501(c)(3) entity achieve its foundational mission.

Best practices to encourage donors to give on a monthly basis
Charitable groups often struggle with developing ways to get contributors to donate on a consistent basis. In addition to creating a strong campaign that includes compelling messaging that potential contributors will connect with emotionally, there are other best practices that can help nonprofits and other organizations receive the gifts they need to operate efficiently.

Eleventy Marketing Group highlighted a number of ways technology can be leveraged to boost nonprofit fundraising efforts and encourage consistent giving from donors:

  • A website can be a strong ally: Many potential donors, before they decide to make a financial contribution to support the efforts of a charitable organization, will often refer to the Internet to conduct research. Nonprofits that use strong SEO practices and have landing pages that are both eye-catching and informative put themselves at an advantage when it comes to receiving donations from supporters.
  • Ask for monthly contributions in specific amounts: Many contributors often find themselves grappling with not only how much to give to an organization, but how often. Nonprofits with giving portals on their websites should begin soliciting donors for monthly gifts in pre-established amounts that eliminate the stress that comes with being unsure of what a contributor gives is enough and if they are doing so with the frequency that can help a nonprofit achieve its goals.
  • Encourage supporters to spread the word: Generally speaking, many people feel good after making a donation to a charitable organization and will often tell others about what they have done. Nonprofits with portals allowing donors to give online should also include a social share function. This will help contributors post information to their social networking accounts that will be seen by others, potentially serving as an inspiration for them to make a donation as well.

How to leverage social media to increase donations
Social media usage has risen all over the world. There are literally millions of conversations taking place and information shared across social networks on a daily basis. This has become an area that can help nonprofits drive donations.

However, because many organizations aren’t as technically savvy as their contributors, they have found it difficult to integrate platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and others into their fundraising efforts and as a result, have put themselves at a great disadvantage.

Miratel, a company that specializes in setting-up nonprofit donation call centers, recently cited a study from Survey Monkey on how social media is helping charities receive an increased amount of financial contributions from donors.

Polling 1,000 people who were at least 18 years old and avid users of social media, 51 percent revealed that they had learned about a nonprofit or charitable cause through the use of social networking. Additionally, on average, 63.8 percent of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn users gave at least $100 to a charity through a social media channel.

It’s clear that technology can have a substantially positive impact on nonprofit fundraising efforts if leveraged properly and used on a consistent basis. 

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