The Social Marketing Audit – Maximizing Organic Engagement

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Bill Blinstrub

When was the last time your organization performed a social marketing audit?

Think about it. If the answer is “more than a year ago” or “I don’t think we’ve ever done one,” you are very likely not maximizing the massive audience — and influence — at your disposal via social media.

A social marketing audit is a critical process for an organization to help ensure that you are properly leveraging each of your social media properties, with appropriate content and a formal plan/goal for each. The process will document how many followers you have in each channel, review your frequency of posts, and, perhaps most importantly, analyze the interactions your constituents are having with your content. The social marketing audit will allow you to better identify what your donors may want more of, what they may not want more of, and what they may not be aware you’re doing.

Once you know what your supporters like, and which messages they’re interacting with, you can use that knowledge to post more of their desired content, increase engagement, and attract more followers, extending your organization’s influence and deepening the relationship with potential donors (and, you know, getting more donations).

But that’s not all! A social marketing audit will also document and centralize all the important information regarding your organization’s social media properties — who manages content on each site, what the log-in info and passwords are, as well as identifying and documenting where each site links to or drives traffic to, an oft overlooked aspect of managing social media. A thorough audit will help find and flush out bad links from old campaigns that have been lost or forgotten in the social media jungle, and allow you to update or remove them. This not only improves the traffic to the linked site but also creates a better user experience.

Believe it or not, many organizations continue to make the mistake of posting the exact same content — word for word — to every social media property they maintain. A social marketing audit will reveal how much of a faux pas this is. Users seek out and absorb content on each platform differently: a user will interact with content on Instagram very differently than content on Facebook or Twitter; and expects your content to be tailored for each channel. Your content strategy should be built around this reality. Unfortunately, most are not.

The quality of your presence in social media is a reflection of your brand’s credibility; it’s more important than ever to make sure that your organization is marketing via social media effectively. A thorough social marketing audit will help you do that, as well as provide a benchmark against your competitors and against similar organizations to see what others are doing in the channel.

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About the Author:
Bill Blinstrub
Senior Account Executive, Agency Services

Years in the industry

6 in Fundraising, 20+ in direct mail and marketing

Role at the Company

I develop and execute client strategy, as well as provide results analysis and budget management. I am the key face-to-face client contact, advising on all fundraising activities, best practices, trends, whatever my clients need! If my client needs something, I make it happen!

What excites you about your work at AFG?

I love the people, and the culture. AFG really creates a positive, proactive environment that empowers me to fully immerse myself in serving my clients. No idea is off limits, new thinking is encouraged, and everyone works together to meet one common goal.

What are your hobbies/interests outside AFG?

I am an avid- but not fast- runner. I enjoy competing in road races whenever possible. Its a great way to experience a new city/place, and I love running “unplugged”, no headphones. I love to hear the sounds of nature around me. Running really allows me to connect with a place and its people.

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