The Internet makes nonprofit fundraising easier

The Internet can help nonprofits raise more funds and increase charitable giving.
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For nonprofits looking to increase donor contributions while making the giving process easier at the same time, these organizations should look at the creation of a web portal that works in conjunction with donation management software as a potential solution. Many business transactions are conducted over the Internet every day and charitable organizations can tap into this trend as a way to encourage more giving.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy website states that online fundraising efforts increased by 13 percent in 2013. Leading the way was the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society that received more than $98 million in donations from the Internet.

According to eMarketer, nonprofit organizations with a website allowing donors to contribute online saw a 25 percent monthly increase in giving last year. Additionally, eMarketer states that charitable organizations with a website offering this functionality saw a 0.69 percent conversion rate on donations.

The data suggests using the Internet as a way to encourage more giving helps the nonprofit fundraising process significantly. For charities already using donor management software to track giving, using the Internet as a way to make the process easier for donors is a wise move.

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