The growing role of technology in nonprofit operations

Technology can spur nonprofit broadcaster effectiveness.
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Public and religious broadcasters already use a wide variety of technology to conduct their daily operations and connect with their audiences. In some ways, this relatively heavy use of technology can position stations for success when it comes time to implement valuable solutions like donation management programs and radio traffic software.

The value of the right technology to a nonprofit can’t be overstated. Let’s look at the growth and development of technology in the not-for-profit sector.

Big data, targeted fundraising and more

“Technology will continue to reshape and improve the nonprofit world as time goes on.”

The concept of big data can be intimidating to all but the largest nonprofits, including many public and religious broadcasters. However, the concept doesn’t have to seem mysterious or complicated. Using big data simply means tapping into the many dimensions of information gathered about listeners and contributors. With the right software taking care of analysis and providing actionable insight to staff, fundraising efforts can improve significantly.

The Forbes Nonprofit Council said it’s important to focus on the right metrics to get the most out of the analysis provided by tools like donor management software. With so many different pieces of the overall contributor puzzle to look at, it’s sometimes easy to get sucked down a rabbit hole of data. Consider going through your fundraising efforts on a case-by-case basis and identifying a handful of metrics that are most relevant to each effort. Defining which measurements are the most relevant can require some work early on, but that investment of time and effort can pay off.

With this type of approach, you can focus on the numbers that mean the most to each effort. That’s true whether it means targeting a specific subset of your audience in a social media campaign or tracking the average donation value in two different campaigns.

There areĀ also technological benefits specific to public and religious broadcasters that are worth considering. Radio scheduling software, for example, offers easy organization of spots and calendar setting far into the future. Logging becomes more streamlined, and exporting both logs and grids as HTML files is simple as well. Reorganizing, editing and otherwise changing logs is a faster process. High visibility of unscheduled elements means more direct action in terms of identifying and placing them.

Technology will continue to reshape and improve the nonprofit world as time goes on. Choosing to use it now sets your station up for success.

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