Temporary MemberCard Lifts Acquisition Response Rate

Date Published
Bill Blinstrub

The Situation

ValleyPBS had been incorporating the MemberCard as a benefit of membership for quite a while. This membership benefit had always been part of their new member acquisition efforts, but the station was looking for an opportunity to further boost their direct mail acquisition response rate.

The Strategy

ValleyPBS took advantage of an exclusive new offering available ONLY through Allegiance Fundraising — The Temporary MemberCard. 

Starting with the station’s Acquisition control package, the only changes made were to affix the Temporary MemberCard to the letter, insert a simple buck slip to promote the specific discount offers, and adjust the letter copy to promote the offer.

The idea was to show prospects the incredible value of the MemberCard by letting them try it for 60 days, no strings attached. The cards were “live” and ready to use when the prospective members opened the mail. A generous sampling of many 2-for-1 dining offers, as well as discounts to other local businesses, was made available at the recipients, and did not require that any gift be made.

The Results

The results of the Temporary MemberCard test were outstanding. The test panel receiving the Temporary MemberCard demonstrated a 47% increase in Acquisition response rate compared with the control! 

The Temporary Member Card test was successful in meeting ValleyPBS goal of raising acquisition response rates.

About the Author:
Bill Blinstrub
Senior Account Executive, Agency Services

Years in the industry

6 in Fundraising, 20+ in direct mail and marketing

Role at the Company

I develop and execute client strategy, as well as provide results analysis and budget management. I am the key face-to-face client contact, advising on all fundraising activities, best practices, trends, whatever my clients need! If my client needs something, I make it happen!

What excites you about your work at AFG?

I love the people, and the culture. AFG really creates a positive, proactive environment that empowers me to fully immerse myself in serving my clients. No idea is off limits, new thinking is encouraged, and everyone works together to meet one common goal.

What are your hobbies/interests outside AFG?

I am an avid- but not fast- runner. I enjoy competing in road races whenever possible. Its a great way to experience a new city/place, and I love running “unplugged”, no headphones. I love to hear the sounds of nature around me. Running really allows me to connect with a place and its people.

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