T-shirt design helps nonprofit radios boost donations

Branded t-shirts like these can help your nonprofit increase donations.
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It’s no secret that offering competitive benefit packages for donors is an effective way to bring in new revenue streams. Yet, did you know offering fantastic physical rewards such as t-shirts and water bottles can bring your lapsed patrons back for more? According to The Nonprofit Times, KCSM-FM 91.1, a nonprofit jazz radio station in the San Francisco area, ran the Legends of Jazz campaign that asked their 9,000 lapsed patrons to come back in exchange for greater rewards. Each $80 donation gave the donor a t-shirt with their name on the back next to jazz greats such as Duke Ellington and Miles Davis. This campaign was so successful it raised $42,400 for the station from nearly 580 donors. The ROI on this campaign and similar campaigns was nearly 204 percent. 

According to American Express Open Forum, t-shirt marketing is an effective way to create walking advertisements for your station.  This unique and customized experience led to great donations for the station. Here’s how your station can recreate a t-shirt campaign and increase donations for the season:

1. Find a distributor
T-shirts that can be customized in bulk must be purchased at value cost. Look for websites that deal with wholesale t-shirt customization with online forms that can be emailed directly to the participant. As well, make sure the website gives the donor the opportunity to see what their customized t-shirt will look like before purchase.

Creating branded t-shirts like these can help your nonprofit increase donations.Creating branded t-shirts like these can help your nonprofit increase donations.

2. Use simple online forms
Click-through forms can be easily linked in an email campaign to a form on your website. Use these direct-pull links to get users to fill out your forms quickly and easily for donations. Many free online form platforms exist, so choose the one that works best and embeds seamlessly for your organization.

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