Star 99.1 WAWZ Reduces Workload and Streamlines Processes

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WAWZ manager of business administration, Nancy J. Walter describes how Allegiance helped them integrate processes of multiple departments while enhancing donor services.


“Before we acquired Allegiance, WAWZ was using a complex set of databases in order to manage our on-air Sharathons,” Nancy stated. She went on to elaborate, “We were downloading and uploading data daily, we had no way to track results in real time, and it always took us until several weeks after an event to send out the acknowledgments or pledge billings.“

In describing the work processes with the previous systems Nancy shared her frustrations. “At the end of a Sharathon, we used to have a file drawer full of pledges that had to be entered and corrections that had to be made. We had to check and cross check between the different databases. We would bring on extra staff and it would still take two to three weeks to send out pledge reminders.“

Outstanding Results

Now Nancy says, “With the Allegiance Fundraising System and the Allegiance Web System, we are doing data entry in real time, are caught up on a daily basis, and able to send Sharathon pledge billings in just a few days. It is simple to process credit card pledges, which is very helpful since the bulk of our donors make credit card payments.”

Nancy especially appreciates that the station no longer has to depend on or wait on third-party service to respond to their needs but can manage them internally. “We can make changes or additions to the web pledge forms internally and have them effective immediately for both our in-studio volunteers and our overflow call service providers.”

“On-air processes run so much more smoothly due to the fact that we have the Allegiance web-based Donor Tracker so we can keep track of pledges and dollars by day, by day part, by challenge period, or any other criteria because we set up each criteria ourselves and can change them or add an element at any time. We can use the Donor Tracker in the studio to provide updates on challenge progress, or check in from remote locations just to see how things are coming.“

Additional Benefits

In addition to having to tools to better manage and communicate with donors, Nancy acknowledges, “The Allegiance Support Team is always available, and willing to work with us to solve any problems we encounter. Support is simply fabulous. “

“Allegiance has helped us tie up so many loose ends and has provided a great product to benefit our ministry.”

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