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Raise more money by doubling your donations

With so many different policies and procedures, managing a matching gift program can be overwhelming for non-profits. We give you seamless access to the most comprehensive gift database available so you can make it easier for your donors to see their company’s policies and inspire them to make bigger donations.

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Allegiance enables you to maximize the amount of money received from companies that match the gifts of their employees. This essential application gives you the tools to:

  • Segment donors who are connected to a matching gift company.
  • Select and solicit matching gift donors who have outstanding match forms.
  • Append more than one company match to the same pledge (e.g., a husband and wife whose employers both matched).
  • Automatically create a relationship during data entry if no prior relationship exists, maintaining a donor base to solicit for future matching gifts.
  • Store information on matching gift company accounts within the same database.
  • Log the company’s maximum match amount per year, per person, and per campaign.
  • Maintain a relationship between the company and all the individuals it matches.
  • Retain all matching gift history, even if the donor no longer works for a matching gift company.
  • Generate aging reports, fulfillment reports, and matching gift member reports, enhancing your ability to analyze matching gift income trends, fulfillment of matching gifts, and lifetime giving of companies.
  • Indicate whether the matching gift company requires forms and if you have the forms in stock.
  • Display an on-screen inquiry of the matching gift companies and the donors for which they have provided matches.
  • Provide each company with a distribution list of the member pledges matched with the company’s gifts.

Allegiance’s three fully-integrated HEPdata products give you access to the largest, most trusted, and most widely used database of over 20,000 corporate matching gift programs, employer-specific forms, and policies.

  • HEP Employer Find scans your data to identify companies that match gifts. Detailed information regarding the companies’ matching gift programs is appended to your database.
  • HEP Auto Match integration screens your data to find donors who have provided employer names, determines if those employers offer matching gift opportunities, then automatically creates the company account if it does not exist, and the relationship between the donor account and the employer account.
  • The HEP-customized search tool Gift Plus Online can be added to your pledge pages to help your donors quickly find out if their employer will match their gift. The donor will automatically receive specific company matching policies, instructions, and in most cases the forms needed to obtain the matching gift. The company information will also be added or updated within Allegiance, the relationship between the donor and the company will be created, and a matching gift pledge record will be generated.

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