Volunteer Management

Match volunteer skills and automate scheduling

Recruiting the right volunteers is vital for a successful volunteer program. Allegiance helps you match volunteers’ skills and interests to your program’s needs. Store their preferences, abilities, and availability for easier recruitment and retention.

Online sign-up and check-in saves time and makes it easy for your supporters to volunteer. Web-based features let you create online forms so volunteers can sign up for specific times and dates and check in and out at the job site. Once the shift is completed, a personalized Thank You email is sent automatically. Throughout the project, the schedule grid automatically updates and creates work records for each volunteer in the database.

Allegiance’s volunteer management capabilities allow you to:

  • Maintain a database of prospective volunteers for future events and promotions, including preferences, skills, contact information, and availability.
  • Set up the database to meet your specific needs by defining projects, jobs, departments, shifts, and even theoretical salary levels.
  • Retain a work record for each time the volunteer is available and/or each time the volunteer has worked.
  • Segment and classify volunteers by specific project, job, time available, departmental jurisdiction, and completion date of projects and jobs.
  • Contact select volunteers via mail or email to inquire about their availability, confirm projected volunteer dates/times, or acknowledge their work.
  • Generate reports such as:
    • Preference Report to search prospective volunteers for individuals or groups that most closely match the project needs.
    • Availability Report to find individuals who have indicated they are available for a specific project or on a specific day/time.
    • Activity Summary Report to see volunteer assignments for specific jobs.
    • Work Roster to give you a quick view of the schedule and tasks assigned.
    • Confirmation Report to see a list of the volunteers expected to work during the selected shift.
    • Management Report to analyze overall program effectiveness with a list of volunteers, the jobs they performed, and the total number of hours worked.

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Cloud solutions for non-commercial broadcasters

The Allegiance Cloud Solutions allow you to concentrate on your donors with the assurance your data is stored securely and accessibly 24/7. Enjoy automatic backups and updates, lower IT costs, scalability, faster deployment, and more with the best cloud solution in fundraising.

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