Pledge & Payment (Donation Processing Software)

Confidently Process Payments

Allegiance saves you time and increases your productivity with automated donation processing and electronic payment processing from checking accounts, savings accounts, and credit cards. Process individual credit card payments through regular data entry and automate monthly credit card billing and all EFTs.

PCI Compliance

The PCI security standard, upheld by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, is a mandatory global standard to ensure the protection of cardholder data. It requires merchants and processors to make their physical and virtual environments secure. Allegiance is fully integrated with Paya (formerly Sage Payment Solutions), CyberSource, World Pay (formerly Element Payment Services), PayPal Payments Pro, and Bluefin Payment Systems to securely accept electronic payments.

Credit Card Processing

For credit card payments, Allegiance:

  • Processes VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards
  • Processes each credit card separately or as a batch
  • Automatically applies payments in the Allegiance database at the time the bank file is created
  • Won’t apply rejected credit card payments, eliminating the need to back out payments
  • Automatically creates complete audit trail histories
  • Processes any open credit card pledges on file including all new lump sum pledges and the first payment of any new installment pledges
  • Processes subsequent installment payments through a monthly credit card billing function
  • Lets you verify data prior to updating the Allegiance database and creating the download file

Electronic Funds Transfer Processing

For EFTs, Allegiance:

  • Automatically upgrades donors who have chosen to upgrade
  • Allows donors to specify the percentage and/or dollar amount of upgrade desired
  • Accelerates EFT pledge payments by allowing pre-notifications any time of the month
  • Reduces manual keying for updating and creating records
  • Searches for EFT donors, updates their account with a payment, renews them at the appropriate time, and creates all the necessary audit trails
  • Produces a file to allow automatic transfer of funds into a bank account
  • Generates bank files in a standardized format (customized file formats available)
  • Produces a transaction summary for the bank service company
  • Generates a detailed Transmittal Register with a list of all EFT or credit card pledge payments and pre-notes
  • Creates a Proof List for data verification prior to updating

Data Integration and Uploads

For automatic pledge payment processing and integration or imports of data, pledges, and payments, Allegiance:

  • Integrates pledges from drives, web, 800 services, telemarketing, or other vendor data
  • Matches current donors with new pledges and updates files
  • Automatically searches databases and creates a new record, if necessary
  • Produces a detailed transmittal report for verification
  • Generates a customer service activity report to allow personal handling of special requests such as non-standard premiums or customer satisfaction issues

Rejected Credit Card Management

Easily manage rejected cards and recapture lost revenue. Allegiance tracks the number of times a card was tried and when the last successful charge was made. Easily tag accounts with rejected credit cards, then generate a mailing, email batch, or call list to request updated credit card information.

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