Day Sponsorship

Automate Day Sponsor Scheduling and Management

Offering Day Sponsorships to your donors can be a significant source of revenue for your station with the added benefit of audience engagement. Allegiance gives you the ability to sell those credits online with an integrated calendar while maintaining pledge and payment history in the sponsor’s account record.

Manage Day Sponsors

Here are some ways you can customize, manage, and track your day sponsorship program for multiple stations:

  • Set the maximum number of day sponsors each day
  • Reserve specific days for multiple years with or without pledges attached
  • Store day, date, future reservation dates, dedication wording, and other details
  • Automatically track the date reserved, payment status, credits pending, and credits aired
  • Store, search, and identify reservations made without payments or pledges
  • Generate confirmation letters, dedication/credit wording forms, and requests for payment

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

Reporting capabilities let you print:

  • Day sponsor master list by date, station, and availability
  • Dates reserved without pledges/payments
  • Available date labels for easy assignment during pledge drives
  • Dedication/credit wording by date for each day sponsor

Contact us today for more information on day sponsorships and how they can provide added revenue for your organization.

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Finally, an End-to-End Fundraising Solution Accessible to all Nonprofits

DMW Fundraising and Member Benefits are now part of Allegiance Fundraising Group

Allegiance Fundraising Group brings together three well-established fundraising teams to create an end-to-end fundraising solution that makes it easier for you to reach your mission. Today you can turn to a single team for seamless fundraising strategy and implementation, donor management software, and membership loyalty programs.

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