Data Services

Analytics & Reporting

Let Your Data Be Your Guide

It’s not uncommon for staff to be too buried under daily tasks to take time to analyze data and reports that should be guiding their decisions. Maybe turnover has left you without the in-house expertise to generate and interpret giving performance data. The Allegiance Data Analysis Service is here to make up for a lack of knowledge or a gap in resources, helping you determine what has worked and what hasn’t in the past to best inform your future efforts.

Database Repair

Repair Costly Mistakes Within Your Database

If you’ve ever uploaded files without searching for existing accounts, forgotten to run a monthly function, or inadvertently run a function twice in the same month, the Allegiance Database Repair Service could be the answer to your prayers. We’ll investigate and diagnose issues in your database then run functions or write programs to repair it. The process serves to restore accurate solicitation and tracking, reduce donor frustration and customer service calls, and more.

Pledge Page Set-Up & Testing Service

Harness The Full Power Of Your Pledge Pages

Many stations haven’t assigned any responsibility for pledge page updates, optimization, or testing, leading to lack of completion and donor fatigue or form abandonment. Allegiance will optimize these pages for streamlined data entry and hassle-free campaigns. Using your input, we’ll create and test pledge pages including setup for premium items and groups, giving ladders, and question records.

Donor Segmentation Service

What Is Your Segmentation Really Doing?

If you haven’t updated your segmentation sets in months or years, you’d likely be surprised by what your sets are doing. If even one segment is out of order, it can change the output dramatically. A quick audit could be all it takes to make things right. We’ll sit down with you to discuss your segmentation strategy, create new sets, and train your staff on how to properly use them. This ensures money isn’t left on the table and no one falls through the cracks.

Source Code Clean-Up

Clean Source Codes = Clean Data

Accurate data analysis starts with accurate coding. You need to be able to pull and review data from multiple campaigns in order to identify trends and make informed decisions. If key source coding concepts have been misunderstood or if you find your station inundated with inconsistent source codes, it’s time to fix that. Our experts will establish consistent codes to help you identify trends over time, mine data to address specific concerns, generate comparable reports, and more.

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Finally, an End-to-End Fundraising Solution Accessible to all Nonprofits

DMW Fundraising and Member Benefits are now part of Allegiance Fundraising Group

Allegiance Fundraising Group brings together three well-established fundraising teams to create an end-to-end fundraising solution that makes it easier for you to reach your mission. Today you can turn to a single team for seamless fundraising strategy and implementation, donor management software, and membership loyalty programs.

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