Database Repair

Have You Made a Mistake With Your Database?

If you’ve uploaded files without searching for existing accounts, forgotten to run a monthly function, or inadvertently run a function twice in the same month, the Allegiance Database Repair Service could be the answer to your prayers.

What You’ll Get

We’ll investigate and diagnose discrepancies and problems in your database. Then we’ll run functions, or if necessary, write programs to repair your database. Finally, we’ll provide specific instructions designed to help your staff avoid similar problems in the future.


Data hygiene is a major issue at many stations. Duplicate accounts can obscure true member totals and skew income projections. Skipped or missed function runs can also impact renewal dates and solicitations. In addition to bad data and invalid projections, major customer service issues can arise, having a negative impact on bottom line. Undoing the damage means:

  • Function dates and data will be restored to correct parameters for accurate solicitation and tracking.
  • Duplicate accounts will be merged with the most current giving data applied to coding.
  • Reduced member/donor frustration and less customer service calls and emails.

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Finally, an End-to-End Fundraising Solution Accessible to all Nonprofits

DMW Fundraising and Member Benefits are now part of Allegiance Fundraising Group

Allegiance Fundraising Group brings together three well-established fundraising teams to create an end-to-end fundraising solution that makes it easier for you to reach your mission. Today you can turn to a single team for seamless fundraising strategy and implementation, donor management software, and membership loyalty programs.

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