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Cloud Solutions for Non-Commercial Broadcasters

By choosing the Allegiance Cloud Solution you can concentrate on your donors with the assurance that your data is stored securely and is accessible from any device 24/7. The Allegiance Cloud eliminates the capital expense and ongoing costs of managing server infrastructure, speeds delivery and installation of software updates, and automates backups.

Cloud Solutions for Public Radio, Non-commercial & Religious Broadcasters | Allegiance Software

Allegiance Cloud Solutions deliver:


With your organization’s data safely stored on secure data centers instead of in your server room, any loss of power will have you back up and running as soon as you have an internet connection.


Built-in redundancy gives you exceptional reliability.

Automatic Backups

Cloud servers are backed up every 15 minutes on-site with daily off-site redundant backups. Do you know when your last backup was done?

Lower Initial Investment

Eliminate the capital expenditures associated with building the server infrastructure.

Lower IT Costs

You will not be responsible for maintaining and updating hardware or software for your Allegiance database or Web module.


There are no power requirements or space considerations to think about. Cloud computing can be scaled to match the changing needs of your organization as it grows. You can quickly add additional licenses, storage space, and more as needed.

Location Independence

Because services are offered over the Internet, you can access from anywhere at any time. Work from home, or on the road.

Faster Deployment

You can usually be up and running significantly faster with cloud services since there is no need to buy hardware or build a network.

Automatic Updates

All upgrades and updates are installed by Allegiance, so you’re always using the latest version.

Allegiance will host your software in a hardened and secure data center to provide continual access to your data. Our robust computing engine and data storage vault ensure you will get the most value from your investment in Allegiance.

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Finally, an End-to-End Fundraising Solution Accessible to all Nonprofits

DMW Fundraising and Member Benefits are now part of Allegiance Fundraising Group

Allegiance Fundraising Group brings together three well-established fundraising teams to create an end-to-end fundraising solution that makes it easier for you to reach your mission. Today you can turn to a single team for seamless fundraising strategy and implementation, donor management software, and membership loyalty programs.

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