Strategic Planning & Program Audits

A fundraising plan tailored just for you

Our team of development professionals and direct response experts will work closely with you to create the right fundraising strategy for your organization. First, we’ll perform an extensive analysis to evaluate your program’s strengths, identify any weaknesses, and look for untapped revenue and growth opportunities. Then we’ll assess all opportunities relative to your competition, geography, and changing market conditions, and use those factors to determine the best overall fundraising plan.

This process formulates a report that includes insights and a series of actionable recommendations that can help to increase response level, efficiency, and revenue.

For more than three decades, Allegiance has helped public media organizations and other non-profits advance their individual giving programs. Our expert development professionals are here to help build a customized roadmap to stronger, more prosperous fundraising.

Creative Audits

To get started on the creative audits process, all we need from you are samples, results, and a brief summary of your current strategy. We’ll take care of the rest. We’ll start by looking closely at your copy and creative, segmentation strategies, ask string logic, and more, and then package our findings and insights into a comprehensive report. From there we’ll deliver actionable recommendations you can implement immediately to increase response level, efficiency, and revenue.

ActionView Reports

Take a step back from your campaign results and get a bird’s eye view of your fundraising program. This five-year trend report provides the often-missing big picture of what’s happening on your donor file. Revenue and donor summaries, upgrade/downgrade reports, donor movement analysis, and Sustainer analysis are accompanied by insight and recommendations from one of our experienced development professionals.

Annual Campaign Planning & Budgeting

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” After completing an analysis of past results and understanding your short- and long-term program goals, we’ll draft an Annual Plan that includes revenue and cost projections to help you establish your annual budget and to serve as a benchmark for measuring campaign performance.


With so many competing priorities, how do you focus your team on unified strategies and goals? Having a comprehensive TouchPlan is absolutely critical to your success. A customized TouchPlan will allow you to drill down from your overarching annual goals to:

  1. Strategize around communication objectives
  2. Focus on key donor groups
  3. Craft a tactical communication strategy for each segment
  4. Identify efficiencies across communication channels and donor segments

We’ll build you a TouchPlan that will keep you on track and focused on your annual goals.



Contact us today for help in building your roadmap to a more prosperous fundraising program.

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Finally, an End-to-End Fundraising Solution Accessible to all Nonprofits

DMW Fundraising and Member Benefits are now part of Allegiance Fundraising Group

Allegiance Fundraising Group brings together three well-established fundraising teams to create an end-to-end fundraising solution that makes it easier for you to reach your mission. Today you can turn to a single team for seamless fundraising strategy and implementation, donor management software, and membership loyalty programs.

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