Setting up a donor relationship for the long-term

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Making a good first impression on a prospective donor is important, but only the beginning of what stations would love to see turn into a long-term relationship. One-time gifts are great results as far as stations are concerned, but the end goal is always cultivating a continued relationship that can prove beneficial for both.

However, broadcasters have a lot on their plates in the now, which can lead them to push off the later until, well, later. But taking this narrowed perspective can sometimes come at the detriment of those desired long-term donor relationships. 

Here’s how stations can keep one eye on the present and one on the future in the interests of sowing the seeds of an enduring and positive relationship.

Keep in contact

Conducting adequate outreach is essential for setting the framework for a long-term relationship with a donor. From the very minute they sign up or make a gift, an introductory or appreciative communication should be sent — whether through email, text or social media. Organizations need a way to keep up consistent levels of communication with donors to demonstrate honest engagement, which can lead to productive interactions. The more a donor feels they’re valued (perhaps accomplished by targeted and timed messaging), the more likely they are to stay active with a station over the years.

Pay attention to their preferences

When donors communicate preferences for things like mode of communication or way of making a donation, take that information and then bake it into every interaction with the donor from that point forth. Crafting a personal and satisfactory experience for the user begins with taking this kind of information and leveraging it throughout the relationship.

Define your metrics

Setting the donor relationship up for long-term success means monitoring a slate of metrics and gauges. However, which specific indicators matter most falls to the station. Some particular points to be attentive to include donor lifetime value, donor engagement over time and churn rate.

Find the right tools

Once all the pieces of your strategy are in place, it’s time to find the donor management platform to bring the plan into action. Not just any solution will do; for instance, when it comes to communication, stations will need a way to automate, as well as personalize, their messaging. Having a robust platform full of features and options for managing the donor relationship is invaluable, and can help stations impart more value to their donors over time.

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