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Public and religious broadcasters can benefit from cloud technology in 2018.
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The door is beginning to close on 2017, just as another is opening and letting the bright prospects of 2018 shine in. Even as public and religious broadcasters are in the middle of holiday campaigns and gearing up for year-end events, it’s still important for stations to keep an eye on the year ahead and what they’ll need to achieve fundraising success in the next 12 months. While the new year will bring new trends for stations to address, the fundamentals of fundraising will remain the same. 

Now is as good a time as ever for stations to assess their infrastructure and solutions, and how well-prepared they are to tackle the challenges a new year of fundraising will entail. From having the technology to compete in an increasingly digital world, to engaging with donors and generating new insights derived from data and analytics, there are a number of points stations would do well to address before the calendar reads 2018.

“Donors have come to expect a more personalized experience when they give.”

Here are some points for public and religious broadcasters to go over in anticipation of a new year of fundraising:

Big data

You’ve probably heard about big data in one context or another. As technology continues to transform personal life and business, data has become the most valuable currency in the internet age. Gathering data on everything from consumer transaction histories to internal operational efficiency has allowed companies of all sizes and industries to realize new insights the improve their efficiency or effectiveness. The same holds true for public and religious broadcasters. With the right solutions in place, stations can track various signals and data points to paint a greater picture of donor engagement. Tracking different metrics like  frequency of giving can help clue stations into when individuals are most likely to donate, a window they can focus on with targeted marketing and outreach. 

Operational visibility

With so many different moving pieces and daily responsibilities, it can be difficult for decision-makers at public and religious broadcasters to have the type of transparency into internal operations that makes for high-quality management. This is a need that stations can counter with the right tools that grant them a fuller view of performance, coordination and efficiency. While big data analytics can help some in these respects, there are even more powerful tools broadcasters should consider. Take radio traffic software for example: Leaders using this tool can generate customized reports as well as exert control over disparate tasks, simplifying the day-to-day, while gaining insight at the same time.


More than ever, broadcasters need to respond to developments in the world, and quickly too. Being responsive is key in reaching donors when they are most motivated to give (like after hearing the news of a devastating weather event). Public and religious broadcasters without the right capabilities may take too much time to get an initiative up and running, thus missing out on a chance to secure donations. The breakneck speed at which the world moves requires stations to do the same. Many have turned to solutions that are paperless and mobile to cut their downtime and enhance their productivity.


The cloud is another of those advances in technology that have forever changed how people live and work. There is the same opportunity for public and religious broadcasters to leverage the cloud and virtualize some of their most crucial donor management applications and solutions. However, some have been hesitant to make the change – not for a lack of benefits, but because a number of common misconceptions obscure the reality of the cloud. For instance, nonadopters usually think the cloud is an everything-or-nothing proposition, but really, stations can use as much of the cloud or as little as they want. Having a hybrid setup allows stations to keep the on-premise legacy software they want while still using the cloud for other functional or storage reasons.

Finding a partner who can manage hosted cloud services is key here. Having a trusted vendor to securely backup data and ensure uptime means public and religious broadcasters can take full advantage of the cost-savings deploying the cloud can create.

Donor engagement

Donors, much like consumers at large, have come to expect a more personalized experience when they give. Stations need to be able to meet those needs and offer donors an interactive and engaging experience that gives them control, access and customization. Data comes in play here again, as using this intel to construct donor profiles and targeted outreach campaigns can help stations serve their valued donor base with the enjoyable experience they crave, and which may motivate to continue giving in the future. One thing donors might particularly value from stations is a printed tax receipt, which is a feature stations should look for in whatever solution they use for donor management.

In reality, this is only a small sampling of the capabilities public and religious broadcasters need to succeed in the modern fundraising environment. Stations can also find it difficult to sync together multiple different platforms to get this type of full-suite functionality. However, when broadcasters work with Allegiance, they can leverage a solution that gives them comprehensive control and insight that touches on all the above subjects – and so many more. Contact us today to learn more about how our tools may fit your organization and what impacts you can expect to see.

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