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Public broadcasters and other nonprofit news organizations can team up to increase fundraising.
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Nonprofit public broadcasting is an important part of the news industry, especially local news. However, broadcasting isn’t the only way to report and distribute news in an efficient manner. According to National Public Radio, more public broadcasters are teaming up with other local nonprofit news organizations to provide their audiences with better news coverage.

For example, NPR reported St. Louis Public Radio and the St. Louis Beacon, an online only news publication, banded together to provide wider coverage to their audiences. The relationship between the two organizations has always been a cordial one. They worked together on a number of projects over the years, and eventually decided to deepen the relationship through a complete merger. The Beacon’s site remains live to act as an archive for previously published articles, but any new news content appears on the St. Louis Public Radio’s website. According to NPR, this is a trend that could mean good things for both types of organizations.

Many journalists see nonprofits as a way to keep writing news
Although much of for-profit journalism has died or is changing dramatically, nonprofits seem to have a way to stay alive. According to Nonprofit Quarterly, nonprofit news organizations and public broadcasters often share an audience making mergers smart. Journalists can write for nonprofit broadcasters and the reporting skills they have can bring additional fundraising support to the organization.

Fundraising is important despite mergers
While banding together can be a way to consolidate nonprofits and expand reach and efforts under one roof, there is still a heavy need for fundraising. The good thing about merging public broadcasting with other forms of nonprofit news organizations is the merger brings all the donors to one centralized place. A person who used to support online nonprofit newspapers can still support them and help a public broadcaster at the same time.

The need for the right tools persists
When a merger occurs, there are a lot of details to figure out, including donor management. While both organizations should have nonprofit software available to manage donor activity, utilizing two systems isn’t efficient. Once a merger is finalized, nonprofit media organizations should choose one donor management software solution and transfer all relevant data to that system.

Clean up the data in your donor management software
According to a separate article by Nonprofit Quarterly, nonprofits should take time to eliminate any data that is unneeded or inaccurate. It can be hard to keep up-to-date data in your nonprofit software, and a merger between a public broadcaster and another nonprofit news organization is a perfect excuse to clean up all your donor information. When a merger occurs, there’s bound to be duplicate data because the organizations most likely share at least a few donors. Also, one organization might have more accurate information than the other, so the merger can actually help make fundraising efforts more effective.

In order to take full advantage of a merger, you need to ensure all data pertaining to donors will help support your fundraising efforts.

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