PRESS RELEASE: Allegiance Fundraising Group Acquires Beaconfire RED

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Arlington, VA – Allegiance Fundraising Group (AFG), a leading provider of fundraising solutions for nonprofits, has acquired Beaconfire RED, a digital fundraising agency located in Arlington, Virginia.  Founded in 2001, Beaconfire RED has partnered with hundreds of nonprofits, associations and social enterprises to create ROI-focused digital campaigns, design user-centric websites and apps and develop technology solutions that drive engagement, reach and increase revenue.

As the digital division of AFG, we are excited to bring our deep and broad expertise across the spectrum of digital solutions to the AFG team. We’ll continue to focus on award-winning creative design, user experience and content strategy. We’ll continue to provide objective and thoughtful consulting on a range of digital tools and software solutions and continue building innovative web solutions and applications. We’ll continue to develop and implement creative, strategic multi-channel fundraising and marketing campaigns bolstered by smart web analytics,” said Lynn Labieniec, CEO of Beaconfire RED.

The acquisition expands the digital fundraising proficiency of Allegiance to include:

  • Online campaigns and marketing
  • Web design and development
  • Internet strategy and planning
  • Objective software evaluation

Allegiance’s acquisition of Beaconfire RED is the latest in a series of similar actions that have fostered organizational growth and provide for a broad range of fundraising solutions that make it easier for nonprofits to achieve their goals. Today, nonprofits can turn to a single team for seamless fundraising strategy and implementation, donor management software, online giving platforms, and donor loyalty programs.

About Allegiance Fundraising Group

The mission of Allegiance Fundraising Group is to help nonprofits achieve their goals through innovative and cost-effective fundraising solutions. AFG aims to deliver end-to-end support that will acquire, nurture, and retain more donors while keeping their clients in the driver’s seat every step of the way. The expertise and real-world experience found at AFG is designed to meet the unique needs of the nonprofit organizations they serve and foster continuing growth in the success of their fundraising.

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