Planning ahead for a successful 2018

A new year is a great opportunity to refocus and refresh fundraising efforts.
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Nonprofit and religious broadcasters have a year full of opportunity ahead of them. Although 2018 is already rolling along, there’s plenty of time left to do everything from developing new fundraising appeals to connecting with donors and volunteers. Use these tips to get the most out of the new year.

Look at your delegation strategy

Delegating is a central consideration for every business, but it carries special importance for nonprofits. Because your station has a mix of full- and part-time staff alongside volunteers with varying levels of experience and proficiency, there’s a wide range of abilities and skills available at your station. How you assign tasks related to fundraising, donor outreach and similar needs can have a major influence on the success of those effort. This is one area where a volunteer management system can play a significant role.

Nonprofit Expert said it’s important for smaller charitable organizations to delegate because of the tendency of their leaders to be very hands on and involved. While there’s nothing wrong with leaders taking on important roles in day-to-day operation, a lack of delegation means top staff can’t focus on the high-level duties that are ultimately most crucial to continuing success. It’s far better to spend a set amount of time defining a task and training others than to continually invest effort into a job another staff member or volunteer can capably handle.

For larger nonprofits, delegation is still a vital task. While senior leadership is less likely to get directly involved, similar issues can arise with certain employees overextending themselves and creating less-than-ideal results because of it. No matter how large your audience or pool of staff and volunteers, the need for clear assignments and equitable division of work can’t be overstated when it comes to fundraising success.

Conceptual image of delegating responsibilities.Effective delegation is a powerful tool for nonprofit broadcasters.

Stay active and engage your audience

Nonprofit Hub said it’s common for many organizations to experience a slowdown of sorts after the winter holiday season ends and the immediate hype of the new year wears off. It’s still cold outside in many areas, days are short and plenty of people are on a budget after spending on gifts for themselves, their family and their friends. How can your station thrive in this sort of limiting atmosphere?

One strategy is to focus inward on development and planning. You may also want to potentially lighten up on fundraising in the short term if you just completed a major, year-end drive or similar event – assuming you’re developing a plan for your next big campaign in the near future, of course.

The beginning of a new year is also a great time to start developing fresh content and resources for fundraising appeals and general raising of awareness for your station. With 2017 in the books, Nonprofit Hub suggested using data from the previous 12 months to demonstrate recent successes and share that generally on social media and through other channels, as well as directly with donors. This can, but doesn’t have to, tie directly into a fundraising appeal. You can simply share the information to raise awareness and let past donors know about the role they played in your success.

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