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Get people talking about your event using social media.
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A lot of work goes into creating a nonprofit fundraising event. A nonprofit needs to be certain a singular event will create future interest, share valuable information with a large audience and bring in the necessary funds. Social media tools will secure your fundraising event’s success and provide continuing benefits for your organization.

Consistent messaging
Social media should work in conjunction with your nonprofit’s more traditional promotional tactics. Your organization should make use of the free tools provided by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other online social platforms. It is important that your messaging is consistent. All of your promotional material should voice a singular goal and message for your event. Remember social media is very visual, so your event visuals should be consistent too.

Twitter categorizes material using the hashtag (#) symbol. By utilizing hashtags, Wired Impact suggested a nonprofit can promote and coordinate its social media content. Wired Impact advised organizations create a hashtag phrase for their event that is short, memorable and speaks to the cause.

Bring in your partners
The more people you have talking about your event online, the better. Make sure every member of your organization is sharing your social media content. Beyond that, make sure any person or company involved in your event is also aware of your promotional tactics.

If you have corporate partners, regular donors or a venue hosting the event that could profit from being associated with your cause, recommend they share your event information on their online pages.

Promote participant advocacy
Everybody should be sharing your information. Providing opportunities for online participation is a great way to turn your audience into advocates. Ask followers to share a photo of themselves or ask them for some kind of input on the event.

The Red Rooster Group, a graphic design firm, advised nonprofits promote live-tweeting. You could create a special section or badge for people who agree to continuously create Twitter content throughout the duration of your event.

Control content generation
You should make sure the media content coming out of your event is on message and easy to track. During the event, you can recommend to the audience how they can share information with their friends. If you have a host or speaker, he or she should promote the hashtag and remind followers of what vital details are important to the outside world.

Photos of your event are great. One neat trick is to create preplanned photo locations for your guests. A fun photo spot featuring signage with your nonprofit’s name and the hashtag for the event is a great way to utilize participant promotion.

Appeal to those who aren’t there
The audience for online media is limitless, so use your social strategies to engage those who can’t physically attend your fundraiser. By posting entertaining real-time content, you can keep an ongoing dialogue between attendees and the Internet audience.

Nonprofit Hub suggested using social media and online tools to allow people not actually there to contribute to the event’s success. You should provide an opportunity for online donations.

After the event
The event’s ability to promote your organization doesn’t stop when the evening ends. You can continue to share media created by the event on social media. The hashtag you created should make it easy to track down photos and tweets created by participants. Make sure to thank them for their help in the fundraisers’ success.

All social media event content can be turned into data your nonprofit can use in the future. Fundraising software will collect and analyze this data to track the preferences and actions of your donors and participants. This will create tools and strategies for future promotion and fundraising.

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