Mobile and cloud storage integration useful with donor management software

Using cloud storage in conjunction with donor management software can be valuable for nonprofits.
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For nonprofits, raising funds to support worthwhile causes takes more than commitment when it comes to soliciting donors to make contributions, but also sharp accounting skills to track the money that flows in and out of the organization. This is no easy task.

However, technology can make it easier and the use of donor management software can simply the entire accounting process for any nonprofit. But it doesn’t end there. Deciding on the appropriate software and its inherent functionalities can make choosing difficult, especially when it comes to securely storing sensitive donor information.

Utilizing a cloud storage option
One solution that could potentially solve this issue facing nonprofits that use donor management software is cloud storage. According to a report from PC Magazine, offers discounted cloud storage options for nonprofits. The company boasts an impressive client list including NetHope, the United Nations Foundation, Teach for America and the International Rescue Committee, to name a few. The magazine states that is currently offering 10 free licenses to nonprofits that utilize its services and a discount of 50 percent if an organization needs more licenses.

For any charitable organization utilizing donor management software, a cloud storage solution would be a useful accompaniment to the technology.

The advantages of mobile technology
In addition to cloud storage, another option that nonprofits may find useful when making a decision on donor management software is if it has mobile integration. An individual in charge of accounting for donations would benefit from a mobile app that makes it easier to track contributions in real-time. This can make campaign planning more efficient, in addition to improving communication within the organization.

The use of technology in nonprofit fundraising efforts can help streamline backend functions and help the charitable operation serve its intended purpose in and reach its financial goals.

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