Learning to target every donor group

Finding the right donors means expanding one's definition of who matters in a campaign.
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The people who donate to a nonprofit are varied. Optimizing the amount of dollars earned can happen when every group that can give money or influence this behavior is targeted in a campaign. This includes people in the smaller dollar categories and even those who can’t donate. For example, children can influence their parents to spend cash. When planning events, therefore, it helps to have some ideas in mind for everyone who can bring something to the table.

Have a donation event be for kids
Udemy, an online learning center, suggests that events targeting children is a good draw for parents. If kids at school hear about a fun carnival happening, then they might drag their parents along. Once the adults have come to the event, they can be reached via games that cost money to play, as well as more expensive donation options such as silent auctions.

The idea is to have many different options for donations, ranging from most to least expensive. The less expensive options, such as a game that costs a dollar to play, can be ways of drawing people into the costlier events like raffles and silent auctions.

Plan for a more lavish event
Hitting the so-called minor donor groups is a big part of what makes a fundraiser collect dollars, The Fund Raising Authority reported. The bulk of a donation marathon is filled with relatively small acts of charity. The larger gifts seem like they mean more simply because of the dramatic price-tag associated with the donation and often the items that go along with these are quite expensive in-and-of-themselves.

That being said, it helps to throw a lavish ball if a nonprofit can afford it. For example, consider renting a small art gallery and serving wine and snacks, plus having a silent auction of different items, along with other ways to donate such as a simple bin or a raffle with prizes. For the raffle, be sure to make it dramatic, with a basket full of crumpled paper tickets that can be spun around to find the winners.

These events will cost money to attend. Many people make a habit of going to these, and typically the crowd is diverse.

Allow people to donate online
A final option is that throughout the drive, there should be an option to make a donation over the Internet or by sending  a text message. Send out regular newsletters and inform people of this option. It will help those who don’t like going out to places to give money.

Things to do throughout the year
One way to help draw people throughout the year as donation strategies is to have different tiered levels of participation in the nonprofit organization. The NonProfit Times encourages people to bring in millennials. One way to do this is to offer a special program for millennial donors who want to have a say in certain things. This could even be for millennials who are in higher income brackets and can afford to donate a lot. For people who like to plan parties, a special committee could be arranged. The purpose of this isn’t to receive donations but to bring in more individuals who are friends of friends. These people might attend an event they wouldn’t go to if they hadn’t known someone who was part of the organization. The same would go for those who are major donors. There could be an additional group for older members of the nonprofit.

Remember to thank these members during the formal, more lavish event. Be sure to honor the different groups for their individual contributions, so they feel special for what they have accomplished.

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