Calendar Year End Email series drives significant revenue

Calendar Year End
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Randall Thomas

The Situation

Southern California classical music station KUSC had always focused its fundraising efforts around traditional channels, leveraging direct mail and email around on-air membership drives in January, April, and September. Though these campaigns had always been successful in their own right, KUSC wanted to increase revenue at Calendar-Year-End (CYE), when there was no membership campaign to fundraise around.

The Strategy

KUSC wanted to set the right tone in this CYE campaign, because classical music donors generally have a high average gift and retention rate. Together, Allegiance Fundraising and KUSC developed an email series for current and lapsed donors to remind them that time was running out to make a tax-deductible gift for 2017. 

The emails, presented as helpful and encouraging, rather than pushy, included a “Countdown” headline, consistent branding throughout the series, and included a “thank-you” message. The emails increased urgency with each send and blasted in the last week of December including the 31st.

The ResultsCalendar Year End

The Calendar-Year-End emails were a big success overall. Average gift for the series was $112, and the final net revenue was more than 30 times the cost for the project. The station is thrilled in the investment it made in its Calendar-Year-End fundraising tactics and has included a repeat of the effort in 2018.

About the Author:
Randall Thomas
Director of Client Management, Agency Services

I am a dedicated fundraising strategist and client advocate. My responsibilities include developing and maintaining strong client relationships, providing strategic direction, driving creative recommendations, and developing reports and analysis to help nonprofit clients maximize exposure, influence donors, and strengthen relationships, ultimately empowering them to fuel their missions.

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I’m excited to have the opportunity to work for a company that is committed to impacting the world for good, where I am a part of a strong, dedicated team inspiring ordinary people to make extraordinary differences.

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When outside the office, I enjoy a good family adventure. Whether it’s training for our next charity bike-a-thon, or trekking to the base of the tallest mountain in the world, it’s always better when experienced with my family.

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