KJZZ engages audience online to reduce workload while increasing revenue.

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kjzz logoLicensed to Salado College and Maricopa Community Colleges, KJZZ/KBAQ provides news and classical music programming for Phoenix, AZ, and its surrounding communities. A leader in innovative fundraising, KJZZ/KBAQ is equally committed to outstanding customer service.

The Situation

When KJZZ first acquired the Allegiance Donor Portal tools in 2010, it was at the cutting edge in donor engagement and customer service — and that’s where they wanted to be. In the five years since its introduction as E-Membership, KJZZ/KBAQ has moved from its initial 1,114 e-members to 14,249 e-members. Every drive, KJZZ converts more members to e-membership. According to Major Gifts Officer Brian Fergus, “The donor portal, which is the tool that drives our E-Membership effort, is changing how the station does business.”

Managing membership is as much about data hygiene as it is about fundraising techniques and customer service. Without current addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and credit card expiration dates, our work can become bogged down and inefficient.

According to Brian Fergus, who managed membership from 2011 until his recent appointment as Major Gifts Officer, “The donor portal gave us the tool to solve those issues and to allow donors to become more involved with the station. Members can sign up for an online account and then update their account information, make new pledges, make payments, update credit card information, and more. It gives the donor control and it makes processes run more smoothly.”

Unfortunately, that organizational-based need wasn’t really an incentive for donors to sign up for e-membership — and most of them didn’t, so the management team at KJZZ began looking at what would provide an incentive for donors to use this new tool.

The Strategy

Today, Brian says, “Allegiance supports e-membership recruitment and is fully integrated into all our business practices.”

Brian went on to list some of the ways Allegiance has improved KJZZ’s fundraising methods:

  • When we send out credit card expiration letters or credit card decline letters, we integrate an e-membership offer. We are testing two messages.
    • One provides an e-membership username and indicates they can update their credit card information online.
    • One encourages them to go online and sign up for an e-membership account so they can update their information.
  • We no longer mail tax receipts for gifts under $500. Donors receive an email encouraging them to go online, create an e-membership account, and print out the tax letter which is attached to their account.
  • KJZZ now offers a pledge-free streaming service to sustainers who donate $15 or more per month. The service is only available by logging into an e-membership account.
    • Prior to each pledge drive we send an email to $15+ sustainers providing them with an e-membership user name and information about the pledge-free streaming service.
    • For donors giving less than $15 per month, we invite them to increase their monthly gift to $15 or more so they can access the pledge-free service.
  • E-acknowledgement messages automatically generated by Allegiance encourage all donors to sign up for e-membership access.
  • We have added the e-membership login to all donation pages. The first thing a current donor sees is the opportunity to log in so the pledge form is pre-populated with known account information.

The Results

Brian goes on to say that:

  • More than 1,000 member-initiated account updates are approved each year – a savings of countless staff hours.
  • Between 2014 and 2015, 17% of existing sustainers upgraded to $15 per month to access the KJZZ Plus pledge-free service through their e-membership account.
  • In 2015, 18% of our sustainers gave at $15 or more, up from 9% the previous year.

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