KET says, “Good-bye Paper, Hello Digital.”

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Less than a year ago KET was using paper pledge forms and outdated software that required the station to pay in excess of 5% of membership salaries in overtime in order to keep up during pledge drives. With the conversion to Allegiance, KET now uses an integrated system that has reduced manual data entry, eliminated overtime, streamlined operations, and provides the flexibility to adapt, change and grow as needs change.


Before converting to Allegiance in 2016, KET (Kentucky Educational Television) was using Team Approach software. As Membership Manager, Wendy Wilkinson Ridout, tells it, “Team Approach was behind the times and so was KET. In the digital age we were still taking paper pledges, we were doing the same work two or three times to coordinate between membership, marketing, and our various vendors. We were manually entering every pledge, dealing with bad handwriting, transposed numbers, and had piles of paper pledge forms with credit card numbers floating around the office. Staff was working 18-hour days during pledge and we were paying huge amounts of overtime in order to keep up.”

The Decision to Change

When it began the search for a better solution, KET was looking to the future. They wanted software that would not only perform the functions and processes they needed today, but also wanted a system that would grow with them and change as needs changed. In addition to wanting a system that would help manage donor information, gift processing and premiums, they also wanted a system that would provide flexibility to meet their specific station needs. Wilkinson Ridout says, “When it comes to fundraising and donor management, KET wants to be at the front of the pack and we need a software that’s going to change and adapt with us.” KET decided that system was Allegiance.

The Software Solution that Works

Conversion went smoothly and KET was able to dump their paper pledge forms and begin using integrated Web Pledge functions immediately. Wilkinson Ridout notes, “Allegiance is intuitive. If a volunteer types an incorrect credit card number in, the system alerts them before they’ve hung up the phone so they can get the correction made. If an email address isn’t formatted correctly, the system displays an alert. Allegiance has a great search function that allows us to match new pledges to existing accounts, speeding up data entry and reducing duplicate account creation. “

KET is very excited about the Allegiance partnership with ACD Direct, Sage, Forest Incentives and others. Wilkinson Ridout explained why stating, “Having so many processes integrated makes membership management very straightforward. Everyone is in sync. I no longer have to upload break lists and premium lists to ACD. They enter pledges on our web pledge page and all the break and premium information is right there. And as soon as ACD submits the pledge it lands in the transaction bin and can be confirmed and processed.”

Wilkinson Ridout went on to say, “We’re working with Allegiance to integrate OPI and PBS Passport authentication so that donors will be able to sign in to both with a single username/password.   That integration will reduce donor confusion along with customer service calls.”


Wilkinson Ridout  says that her favorite things about Allegiance are the ease of running credit cards and regular processes – renewals, additional gifts, tax receipts etc. – and that basic standard reports are not only easy to run but easy to understand.

As Membership Manager, Wilkinson Ridout claims, “I sleep better at night knowing that when obstacles arise, or when the ‘next best thing’ comes along, we have Allegiance to help us adapt and change and grow with the times. We have a partner that will help us stay at the head of the pack in fundraising.”

“We have a partner that will help us stay at the head of the pack in fundraising.”

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