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Radio Case Study
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Randall Thomas

Adding radio-specific prospects to direct-mail-acquisition campaign yields even higher response rate and much lower net cost to acquire.

A public media joint licensee, with a long history of a solid and cost-effective direct mail acquisition program, had a tradition of only mailing new donor acquisition campaigns during on-air TV drives because they have so many more TV donors than radio. Although the mailings were strategically-timed to drop during the TV pledge drive, the messaging highlighted both a TV and radio programming to appeal to the broadest possible audience. 

Then, in FY18, as a result of an annual analysis performed by Allegiance Fundraising of the station’s new donor acquisition strategies, we determined that there was an opportunity to increase the total acquisition mail volume, which would lead to even more new donors for the station. Instead of simply increasing the mail quantity in the existing campaigns, AFG recommended that the station test adding a radio-specific letter with program-focused messaging that would mail during the radio drive. No other changes were made to the existing direct mail acquisition program.  

The results? The results for the acquisition campaigns that mailed around the TV drives remained strong and comparable to the prior year. However, the new radio campaign yielded a 15% higher response rate than the station’s traditional campaign. The net cost to acquire a new donor was significantly lower for radio segments too.

The test was repeated in fall 2018 to validate results. This time the radio campaign prospects had a 31% higher response rate, and again a much lower cost to acquire. 

The approach was rolled out in Spring 2019 and has become a vital part of the station’s ongoing new donor acquisition strategy. 

About the Author:
Randall Thomas
Director of Client Management, Agency Services

I am a dedicated fundraising strategist and client advocate. My responsibilities include developing and maintaining strong client relationships, providing strategic direction, driving creative recommendations, and developing reports and analysis to help nonprofit clients maximize exposure, influence donors, and strengthen relationships, ultimately empowering them to fuel their missions.

Years of experience in the industry:


What excites you about your work at AFG?

I’m excited to have the opportunity to work for a company that is committed to impacting the world for good, where I am a part of a strong, dedicated team inspiring ordinary people to make extraordinary differences.

What are your hobbies/interests outside AFG?

When outside the office, I enjoy a good family adventure. Whether it’s training for our next charity bike-a-thon, or trekking to the base of the tallest mountain in the world, it’s always better when experienced with my family.

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