How your station can make the most of nonprofit management software

The right software offers plenty of advantages to nonprofit and religious broadcasters.
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Nonprofit management software is an especially powerful tool in the hands of broadcasters. It offers a wide range of advantages, especially when using a solution developed specifically with the needs of nonprofit and religious radio stations in mind. With the right software and a staff who understand the advantages it provides, your organization can make improvements in everything from scheduling programs to reaching out to listeners for donations. Let’s review three elements of making the most of your nonprofit management software:

Taking your needs as a broadcaster and a nonprofit into account

There are plenty of options out there for radio scheduling and traffic software. Similarly, you can choose from a variety of nonprofit and donation management software. Having two separate systems – or more – can lead to issues, however. Using multiple vendors can increase costs and make effective management of the data and analysis provided a more complicated and time-consuming effort.

Solutions from a single provider that address the many different needs of nonprofit and religious broadcasters are frequently the most efficient choice. Support for all systems comes from a single source, interfaces are similar and it’s easier for employees and volunteers to develop knowledge or expertise on both. Consider these advantages whether you’re looking to implement these solutions for the first time or want to upgrade from current systems to something more powerful.

Training and discussions can go a long way toward improving employee adoption of nonprofit software.Training can go a long way toward improving employee adoption of nonprofit software.

Getting staff and volunteers onboard

Adoption is a major factor in the long-term success of nonprofit management software. When staff and volunteers understand how a system works, they can use it to the fullest extent and derive the most benefits from it. When staff don’t understand how to use a software solution, or they only have competency with a few workflows instead of the system as whole, the practical improvements provided are either muted or eliminated entirely.

Similarly, long-term staff and high-level volunteers may feel unheard or even develop a sense of resentment if their ideas and concerns aren’t taken into account while selecting new nonprofit software, as Forbes contributor Neela Pal pointed out. The solution to both issues is to make these staff members and volunteers feel like part of the process. When they can offer their input and receive relevant training, many of their most common concerns will be alleviated.

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