How to turn board members into fundraisers

People who serve on the boards of a nonprofit can also become fundraising advocates.
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Many 501(c)(3) groups are constantly tinkering with ways to grow their donor pipelines and strengthen their nonprofit fundraising strategies. Without financial contributions from supporters, fulfilling their organizational missions is virtually impossible. Raising money in today’s climate isn’t an easy proposition, but it certainly isn’t impossible either.

By implementing a little strategy and being both savvy and agile with respect to coming up with innovative ideas, any charitable organization can achieve its goal of helping others.

According to Questus Strategies, one method that may work is by turning stakeholders in the nonprofit into advocates. Typically, these individuals have a broad personal network of people with the financial wherewithal to lend their monetary support to a nonprofit or other charitable organization.

The website suggests encouraging board members to tell the members in their social circles about all of the good a nonprofit is doing and aggressively encourage them to support the organization to help it achieve its mission.

Additonally, Questus Strategies suggests that members of a board take this action in such a way that the tone is more conversational as opposed to being a business pitch. This can help tap into the emotional side of these potential contributors that could spur them to make a donation.

Other tips that board members can use to solicit contributions
No matter what the cause, every individual that contributes financially to a nonprofit or other charity want to know how their money will be used. Board members soliciting support from their inner circles should take steps to assure that those willing to offer financial support know that their money will be used for the intended cause of the organization, according to the eBay Giving Works Blog.

Additionally, board members should always make sure to tell the members of their circle why the organization was established and the cause it set it out to further. This is another way to break down objections and spur people to want to help.

Those sitting on the board of a 501(c)(3) organization don’t have to make nonprofit fundraising one of their primary activities in order to ensure the viability of the charity. However, every now and then, it is advantageous for them to lend their support to help raise money to make sure that nonprofit sustains forward momentum and has ability to achieve its mission. 

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