How to make your brand stand out on social media

Here's how to make your brand sparkle on social media in 2016.
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Nonprofit marketing can be quite the handful. From managing donor lists to finding most cost-effective campaign options, a nonprofit marketer has their work cut out for them. However, social media is here to save the day. Allegiance Fundraising has picked out the best ways to get your brand rolling on social media, including consistent branding, personalized messaging, becoming an information hub and enhanced meta descriptions. Using this advice will increase brand engagement and views well into the next fiscal quarter. 

1. Meta description specialization
Meta descriptions can be laced with keywords to enhance SEO. However, consumers look for more from their content marketing in 2016 and expect higher quality. What does this higher quality content include? Enhanced meta descriptions, videos, images and content without dead links! Meta descriptions will become the new superhero of social media marketing come 2016. Since lots of social media marketing ties in with content, make sure your articles have descriptions with multiple keywords and give your audience the information they need right away. Don’t say “This charity article will make you laugh!” Instead, say “This giggle-filled piece will teach you the true meaning of giving this season!”

2. Get on Snapchat or Periscope
For those who need the low-down, Snapchat is an app that takes 10 second videos in real time and can be shared among family and friends. Periscope is an app similar to Twitch, a game streaming website. Users can log on in real time and watch broadcasts while commenting on them. Both of these apps can prove useful for nonprofits. Using a Snapchat or Periscope handle, users can upload their videos. Both of these services are particularly useful for broadcasting live events such as music festivals, concerts, parties and other festivities. Take your brand to the next level by offering youngsters the opportunity to follow your event or cause. Take short videos of your volunteers at work or your next winter gala. Then, along with your Facebook and Instagram posts, include your Snapchat handle. It’s sure to increase engagement!

3. Don’t automate Twitter DMs
Not only do automated DMs look like spam, they appear impersonal and imposing to the viewer. There are many ways to automate Twitter replies so they won’t feel so robotic. This includes using services such as Socialoomph to schedule tweets, track keywords for SEO, and save and reuse drafts. By making messages more personalized, anyone contacting your company will feel welcomed and more inclined to send a donation.

4. Become an information hub
Don’t just post dates to for signups and recent projects. Take the opportunity to truly open your donors’ minds with useful content such as articles, pictures and other charities you’re partnered with. By engaging with things that truly matter to your audience, you’ll be participating in a meaningful conversation. Take for example a brand such as TED. With over 4 million likes on Facebook and 2.5 million followers on Twitter, the brand has made itself known through not only video content, but through images, articles and other posts pertaining to the audience’s interests. By targeting what your audience needs, you can give them what they want.

5. Have a consistent brand
A trap many nonprofits fall into is inconsistent branding. While their Facebook may have close to 50,000 likes with consistent posts daily, their Instagram or Twitter may not be updated as frequently with the same content. In taking cues from brands such as Coca Cola and the NFL, consistent branding begins with unifying the general mood and feel of each medium. This can be done through color schemes and developing a general content strategy. By taking the time to outline the social media brand, the company can have a more professional look.

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