How to involve employees in peer-to-peer fundraising

Employees often play a central role in peer-to-peer fundraising.
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In a never-ending search for diversity in donor management initiatives, nonprofits can sometimes mistakenly overlook how effective it can be to appeal to major donors while leveraging peer-to-peer strategies. During a pledge drive or fundraising campaign, charitable groups frequently call on prominent individuals from the private and public sectors to step up and contribute large sums of money. However, software for nonprofits enables board members and major donors to essentially become proxy fundraisers.

With peer-to-peer fundraising solutions, business owners can create a matching challenge through their own websites. After setting up their individual giving page, they can then distribute the link through the company’s website, email or social networks in an attempt to gain a larger number of donations. Individuals who receive the link through these channels will then be able to see how much the major donor has asked for with the gift matching challenge, as well as how many contributions have been made. In this way, donors can generate enthusiasm and support through non-traditional channels, which ultimately benefits the nonprofit group. According to the Canada-based nonprofit news resource Charity Village, it’s important for businesses to create a policy for employee donations before appealing to them for contributions.

First, employees shouldn’t be required to donate to a given campaign. This somewhat undermines the idea of philanthropy and puts people in an awkward position if they don’t have the financial resources to contribute. Similarly, the amount someone donates shouldn’t influence their performance review. In the meantime, LifeHealthPro also recommended that fundraising appeals align with employee interests. Not only will this likely improve participation, it will also create a stronger commitment from donors beyond contributing financially.

As Charity Village indicated, employees can generate a web of donors for nonprofits as well as a sustainable source of support for future fundraising projects. Peer-to-peer initiatives often result in stronger donor turnout and a stronger return on investment, which many nonprofit groups are looking for.

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