How to Inspire Mobile Giving From Your Donors

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Smartphones are everywhere these days. In fact, mobile devices of all sorts, including tablets, have gained immense popularity with consumers. According to the Pew Research Center, 77 percent of Americans own a smartphone and 53 percent own a tablet. While desktops are still more prevalent in the home, mobile has certainly become a default channel for many people to access the internet, do work and connect with friends.

Consumers also use their phones for donating. Mobile giving is consistently capturing more and more of the overall share of donations, making it incumbent on any nonprofit organization to have a plan for inspiring mobile giving from their donors.

However, devising a mobile strategy isn’t as easy as copying desktop efforts over to the mobile medium. Organizations that want to capture the value in mobile need to develop specific plans for it. Here’s what they should keep in mind:

Refresh mobile-specific landing pages

Landing pages are critical to ranking in search results, engaging with donors and inspiring giving. Yet problems may arise when landing pages designed for desktop are viewed on mobile. Case in point: The recommended number of words per page is a lot lower for mobile than desktop. What may well work on desktop can instead appear long-winded and a scrolling nightmare for mobile would-be donors.

The first step to take is to optimize copy – cutting it down to the minimum while still being explanatory and effective. It may take some time, but the best way to spur mobile action from donors is to have a concise message that motivates them.

Be active on social media

Social media is a valuable tool for any type of marketing, but especially mobile. Apps are omnipresent and Americans often access social media through their phones, whether on a train commute, waiting in line at the grocery store or relaxing at home. Having an identifiable branded account on these networks is the best way to directly engage with donors.

To inspire mobile giving, organizations have to meet donors in the medium. Maintaining an active social media profile is the best way to generate those type of interactions. And remember, not every post has to be a promotional one. Followers appreciate and like brands that have a human element or offer them a fun way to participate in a cause they support.

Try to have some fun with social media to make lasting impressions and connections. A “TGIF” tweet is always a favorite, while follower polls are great way to facilitate interaction.

Make it easy to give on the go

In the end, if your organization wants to generate mobile donations, it has to make mobile giving as easy as possible for users. Not only does this include optimizing your landing pages, but also retooling your website and donor-facing options for giving.

For example, consider the button placement on your pages. While one placement may work for desktop, the button could end up being hidden until a mobile user scrolls down a bit. You’ll want a prominent and eye-attracting CTA that mobile donors can immediately recognize.

When you’re trying to pivot attention toward mobile viewing, it’s important to find solutions that enable a powerful and precise strategy to inspire mobile giving. If you’re interested in learning more about how to drive mobile donations and engagement, contact us today.

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