How nonprofit management professionals can better use Facebook

Facebook is a popular resource for nonprofit organizations to increase engagement.
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When donor management professionals consider using social media, how do they choose from the variety of options before them? On one hand, nonprofit organizations could certainly put their brand stamp on every social network available in an attempt to cast the widest net possible. However, this strategy could spread resources thin and nonprofit staff members might miss significant insights that are more apparent by working with just a few social media channels.

While the advertising merits of Facebook are debatable, there’s little argument against the fact that there are millions of people connected to this social network, which present nonprofits with a substantial opportunity to interact with them. In truth, many nonprofits have recognized this fact and have developed an organizational page on Facebook. According to an infographic created by marketing firm Vertical Response, 96 percent of nonprofits are on this particular social networking site. At the same time, 76 percent of philanthropic groups post on Facebook multiple times per week, and the majority of not-for-profit organizations have increased their budgets for social media initiatives.

How can nonprofit enterprises makes the most of their time on this social site?
According to the content marketing analytics firm KISSmetrics, visuals are a strong resource. In fact, photos earn 53 percent more likes than text and link posts. At the same time, pictures also receive 104 percent more comments and 84 percent more click-throughs.

Because of the highly visual nature of Facebook, it’s no surprise that photos perform better than written content, but it’s also important to put them in a context. This requires a short descriptor or lead-in to make sure people understand why an organization is posting a particular photo. However, it’s more effective to keep it short. Data from KISSmetrics found posts with 80 characters or fewer earn 66 percent more likes and comments than those with a higher character count.

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