How holiday events can spur fundraising and donations

Religious broadcasters and nonprofits can help with charitable giving projects.
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As the end of the year approaches, the holiday season is in full swing. While consumers dedicate much of their time toward finding the perfect gift for family and friends, nonprofit organizations can also benefit from the spirit of giving. Religious broadcasters and other nonprofit organizations have the opportunity to not only remind donors of the importance of their giving, but also show current and prospective contributors the rewards of contributing to those who are less fortunate or are in need.

Organizing for a common purpose
In fact, the Waynesville Daily Guide, a local Missouri publication, looked into the philanthropic activities of several charitable organizations in the region. The newspaper highlighted the efforts of Good Samaritan of the Ozarks, the American Legion, Freedom of the Road Riders Local 28, Westside Christmas Academy, Waynesville United Methodist Church and the religious broadcasting station Spirit FM. On Dec. 7, these organizations came together for the Angel Project, which aimed to provide 500 children in Pulaski County, Mo., with Christmas gifts, as well as other necessities for the winter season.

With the event titled “Stuff the Christmas Truck,” participants were asked to donate toys and clothes to Good Samaritan, which would then distribute the contributions to the children involved in the program. At the same time, the organization offered a sponsorship package through which donors could “adopt an Angel.” With this option, donors were asked to provide multiple contributions which would be given to a specific child.

How the project worked
The children were identified through income disparity, meaning those who come from a specific income bracket or whose families qualify for public assistance were the main targets for charitable giving. The ages of the recipients ranged from infants to teens, resulting in a wide variety of gifts to meet the preferences and needs of the children. Accordingly, the participating organizations managed to fill a 16-foot box truck with the donated goods, including 15 bicycles provided by an anonymous donor.

During the occasion,┬áthe religious radio station Spirit FM provided a live remote broadcast to raise awareness and support. With charitable events, it’s important for all organizations involved to make sure donors and the public in general experience the results of the donation process. This is why a broadcasting outlet, like Spirit FM, plays an integral role in making a charitable affair successful.

When a larger audience can recognize the benefits of philanthropic work, future fundraising and donation campaigns will likely benefit from the coverage. Meanwhile, the holidays provide an excellent opportunity for nonprofit groups to take advantage of the generosity of the season.

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