How embracing technology can help nonprofit fundraising

Leveraging technology can be very helpful when it comes to nonprofit fundraising.
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Nonprofit fundraising efforts are a challenge for a number of charitable organizations. However, those that know how to leverage technology effectively give themselves a distinct advantage when it comes to increasing donor giving. One of the trends being adopted by nonprofits is social media as a donor engagement tool.

Generally speaking, there are a lot of people already active on Facebook and Twitter who could also become potential donors. The Nonprofit Marketing Blog lists a number of helpful tips that any nonprofit can use to target donors on social media in an effort to generate more money flowing into the organization.

  1. It won’t happen overnight – One of the secrets of social media is that it only works if it’s used. Charities should set aside a certain amount of time every day to interact with potential donors by tweeting compelling stories or just monitoring chatter around the mission of the nonprofit.
  2. Find the platform that works best – There are a number of social media websites, but the likelihood that donors use all of them all is slim. Identify the social media space where the majority of supporters are active and focus on that one alone. Don’t spread your efforts too thin.
  3. Measure your efforts – A number of nonprofits may find that using social media to attract donors may not work at all. That’s why it’s wise to set measurable goals. Using donor software to cross-reference the funds that come in as a result of social media is a great way to determine if the strategy is a useful one or not.

Don’t be limited to one form of currency
Bitcoins are slowly gaining in popularity and use around the world. A recent article from The Chronicle of Philanthropy highlighted a number of charities that now accept this form of digital currency.

“It is really a no-brainer to accept it,” Peter Chasse, president and founder of the Water Project, a nonprofit devoted to delivering fresh water to many areas in Africa, told The Chronicle. His organization generated $30,000 in new revenue, all from bitcoins. “It will be a game changer.”

Consistent use of this form of currency is still a long way off. However, nonprofits that begin to accept bitcoins as a form of donation open themselves up to another revenue stream that can be beneficial to fundraising efforts.

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