Having staffing challenges? Why software for nonprofits can help

Nonprofit management software can help organizations reduce time crunch, which benefits hiring strategies.
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The NonProfit Times recently reported payrolls for many nonprofit organizations will likely expand in 2014. Citing research conducted by the Washington, D.C.-based enterprise Nonprofit HR, the Times wrote 46 percent of respondents from 400 nonprofit groups from across the U.S. reported their staff size increased last year. The report, “2014 Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey,” also found just 17 percent of nonprofits have had to reduce the number of employees on their staff. This data is in stark contrast with research conducted just five years ago at the beginning of the economic downturn. In 2009, a mere 18 percent of organizations had increased personnel, while 22 percent experienced reduced staffing levels.

What issues do nonprofits face?
Without question, this should be a positive sign for the majority of philanthropic organizations, but it’s not without caveat. The report found nonprofits are still facing hiring issues in spite of the fact that they’re having better results in bringing more staff members on board. The Times wrote many charitable groups saw turnover rates of 16 percent in 2013, drawing from the fact that they’re having difficulty finding qualified talent. In connection with this concern, the report stated a large number of nonprofits aren’t able to find enough time to recruit and interview applicants. What’s more, 32 percent of groups indicated they aren’t able to offer competitive compensation for the most sought-after talent.

What software can do
Ultimately, these issues are related to budgetary restrictions and time management. Nonprofit management software and other digital resources can significantly reduce the strain organizations put on their existing staff. From address standardization to data analysis to data migration, software for nonprofits can make the most effective use of money dedicated to technology infrastructure. Instead of requiring multiple staff members working on these tasks, philanthropic groups can depend on software that will perform multiple integral tasks. This allows other personnel focus on their core professional duties and frees up time for hiring new employees.

According to Third Sector New England, hiring the right people depends on a nonprofit HR manager’s ability to recognize applicants who are dedicated to providing exceptional services to key communities. Job seekers must have a balance of hard and soft skills, as much of the work performed by nonprofits is within and in direct contact with specific groups of people using technology to analyze large amounts of data. Software for nonprofits gives organizations the opportunity to focus more of their time and energy on hiring the most qualified individuals without putting further strain on their current staff members.

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