Getting station leaders onboard with new fundraising management software

Organizational understanding is a vital part of the process of acquiring new nonprofit broadcasting software.
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Many fundraisers at public and religious broadcasters understand the value of the right technology used in effective, organized ways. Introducing new donation management software or a volunteer management system can go a long way toward improving day-to-day operations, as well as provide deeper, clearer insight into trends and productivity.

Sometimes, the biggest challenge to adopting new software for nonprofits is convincing top leaders who have to sign off on purchases, but aren’t familiar with the benefits of such technology. How can you make the value of such an addition clear to leaders who may be conflicted about cost, usefulness and other important considerations?

Prioritize strong internal communication

“Effective internal conversations about ongoing issues help put everyone on the same page.”

Regular discussions about individual, departmental and company-wide needs are vital to make sure everyone is on the same page at your station. Focused educational sessions can also make a big difference. Kindful said it’s common for staff who focus on fundraising to sometimes feel like people in other departments don’t understand certain choices, from outreach efforts to the frequency with which you reach out to donors.

One of the best ways to overcome this issue is through hosting learning moments where specific data and current pain points are discussed. To support the purchase of new nonprofit software, you can demonstrate how the extra time and effort required by current, less-efficient methods for tracking donations and organizing volunteers ultimately leads to a higher cost than the alternative. If you decide to put together such a presentation, keep these points in mind:

  • Use specific facts and numbers whenever possible.
  • Demonstrate how current systems lead to inefficiencies, missed opportunities and other negative outcomes.
  • Draw direct parallels between the negatives of the current situation and the positives of a move to more modern technology.
  • Make the purpose of new software clear and easily understandable for everyone.

Identify the problem, then present the solution

When everyone agrees about the existence of a problem – whether it’s scheduling broadcasts or volunteer shifts – it’s far easier to get all stakeholders on board with the need for a solution. Instead of presenting new software first and then potentially letting the question of “Is there a problem?” dominate the conversation, work in the opposite direction. Once you build a consensus, making the case for a new software purchase is a much more achievable goal.

Nonprofit Hub suggested knowing the exact type of software solution you want to implement before you start the conversation about current problems. When you carefully consider potential solutions and chose the best one available, you can confidently move through every step of the process. A strong transition from cementing agreement about the problem to presenting effective solutions can help convince senior leadership that you know the best path forward for your station.

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