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Is spring cleaning worth it for your public broadcasting station?  You better believe it!
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While some parts of the country may not trust the warm weather quite yet, the signs are in the air that spring is slowly coming around. Now’s the best time for your station to shake off the rust of winter and get active with some spring cleaning. While there might be some actual housekeeping chores to do around your office, what we’re talking about is freshening up your fundraising tools and workflows. 

Instead of scrubbing windows, take some time to clean up your customer databases to set the stage for successful campaigns during the rest of the year. Don’t know where to start? Here’s some tips to use to guide your station’s spring cleaning this season:

Make a list

Whatever it is you want to accomplish, make sure to write your goals and chores down and share it with staff. That way, everything is clearly communicated and nothing is risked being left out. Have a plan of action is critical to getting a spring cleaning effort off the ground and running.

Focus on data

Your donor data is among your most important possession as an organization, so treat it like such during spring cleaning. Just like one would carefully dust and clean valuable household objects, stations to take the time to look at their data and either update information or cull unnecessary or redundant data from registers, which can get in the way of efficiency.

Reach out to your donors

Everybody could use a little motivation once spring hits, and your donors will certainly appreciate any effort you make to welcome the season with them. Spring cleaning is all about personal renewal and reflection, making it a perfect opportunity to engage with donors.

Set new goals

Winter can be a difficult time to get motivated, so if spring goals are more your station’s thing than New Year’s resolutions, draft up some ambitious objectives to progress toward through the rest of the year. Whether these goals are related to fundraising targets, donor sign-ups or some other metric, it’s important to incorporate them in spring cleaning.

It’s also worth considering at this time what other tools or capabilities you might need to achieve success. Talk to Allegiance today for more information on how our data and donor management solutions can help benefit your organization.

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