Fundraising for nonprofit broadcasters

Nonprofit broadcasters need to run regular fundraising campaigns to ensure they stay on the air.
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Your nonprofit broadcasting organization is extremely important to the public. Having radio and television programs supported by listeners and viewers ensures people get the news and information they want in an appealing way. To make sure your organization gets the funding it needs to provide great broadcasting services to your donors, you have to guarantee that your audience understand your needs. Without the proper fundraising initiatives, there is little chance your organization will be able to stay afloat.

Optimize your website for online giving
Online donations have become more popular and your organization’s website should be ready to accept money at all times, even when fundraising campaigns aren’t active. This will ensure that people can make donations even when they aren’t asked to.

A donation button should feature proximately on your website, preferably on every page. While you don’t want the donate button to be obnoxious, it needs to be easily visible. Usually, the header or footer of every web-page is a common place for it.

Run regular fundraising campaigns
Another way to get your organization the money it needs is to hold fundraising campaigns at regular intervals throughout the year. These can appear every quarter. When you hold fundraising campaigns four times a  year, you provide your viewers or listeners with plenty of notice. After a while, they will understand how and when to make a donation

Utilize social media and your website to spread the word as well as your broadcasting platform. The more you tell regular listeners about your organization’s need, the more donations you’re likely to collect. Still, it’s important to make sure there are plenty of ways to donate. Allow checks, online and over-the-phone credit card donations, cash and direct debit.

It’s also smart to engage people through their mobile devices by allowing them to provide donations through text messages. According to Udemy, an education site, nonprofit organizations can set up a service that allows donors to text in a certain word to donate a small amount. That amount is then added to their monthly phone bill.

The importance of donation management
Bringing in a large number of donations is wonderful, but if you don’t keep track of the donations, you’re creating a lot of work for your organization later on. At some point, that information has to be organized and reported, so it’s best to manage donor information as it comes in. Donor management software makes handling fundraising money much easier. This will help your organization when it comes to reporting your financial information come tax time.

Why you need compassionate branding
According to Nonprofit Hub, having a compassionate brand will help raise awareness for your organization. When your organization utilizes compassionate branding, it incorporates brand recognition into every aspect of its functions, meaning every move the organization makes is about the cause it supports. Fundraising should focus on supporting causes that are highly important to your overall message. If you’re a nonprofit radio broadcasting organization focused on a Christian audience, you want to make sure that your brand and fundraising is always supporting Christian values. This will ensure that your listeners understand the reasons for your actions and encourage them to make a donation.

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