Effective fundraising strategies for social services organizations

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Social services nonprofits play a critical role in supporting, protecting and fostering the development of some of the most vulnerable groups in the communities in which these organizations operate.

Effective fundraising helps social services nonprofits make progress toward important goals that support their underlying mission. Consider this advice for building more powerful and beneficial fundraising plans for your organization.

While every nonprofit is different, there are certain steps every organization can take to highlight the value their work brings to the community and work toward their goals for the future. Sharing before-and-after statistics related to programs that address homelessness, food insecurity and similar concerns are an effective and simple way to demonstrate the value of your nonprofit.

Highlight your value to the community

Social services nonprofits make an impact in the areas they serve, whether it’s a neighborhood, metropolitan area or a region consisting of several states. 

The work your organization engages in helps people who are part of the larger community. This kind of localized engagement is one area where your group can focus its outreach when it comes to fundraising campaigns, and something that many other types of nonprofits may not be able to do as effectively.

A more individual approach can work, too. Highlighting a person who was helped by your programs creates a valuable human element. Potential contributors will see how someone who lives in their area directly benefited from the work your nonprofit does on a daily basis.

Identify and nurture repeat donors

Some supporters prefer to donate to a wide range of causes. Others contribute only when the desire strikes them. But a certain portion of donors may find something particularly attractive about a single nonprofit or small group of organizations and focus their giving accordingly.

NonProfit Pro recommended several steps that can help your group grow and retain donors. That includes implementing giving software that is easy for supporters to use and utilizing digital marketing automation tools that make it easier to stay in contact with repeat contributors. It’s important to note that a personal touch is very valuable when it comes to donors who contribute frequently or give large sums of money, so be sure to supplement automated marketing with the occasional personal note, email or phone call.

Highlighting a monthly giving program can also help encourage contributions, Nonprofit Tech for Good said. By giving contributors the option to automate the process for providing a regular donation, it’s that much easier to continue to receive their support. And it means one less thing that your repeat supporters have to remember to do regularly.

Don’t just ask for donations

While it may seem counterintuitive at first, taking the time to send separate communications that highlight new initiatives, celebrate successes and thank donors for recent contributions – without asking for another gift – can help build a sustainable relationship. These types of messages can help contributors feel less like just a source of funds and more like a valuable part of your organization. You can always solicit a donation and should do so on a regular basis – just be sure that’s not the only thing your nonprofit does when it contacts supporters.

Fundraising support for your social services nonprofit

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